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Palm Beach County Schools Force Pearson to Reprint Islam-Biased Textbook


Sharia Law

Sharia Law


By Bill Korach


Citizens for National Security, a volunteer organization concerned with Islamic subversion of American Institutions, including our educational system, reports that Pearson’s “World History” has been corrected and reprinted upon the demand of the Palm Beach County School Board. “World History” was so biased in favor of Islam and against Christianity, and Judaism, that it contained 3 paragraphs on Judaism, 4 paragraphs on Christianity and 32 pages of biased, misleading information on Islam. “World History’s” Islamic Chapter was written by Susan Douglass and Shabbir Mansouri who both believe that the United States should be under Sharia Law. Douglass is a supporter of the Madrassah education system that spreads Islamic radicalism world-wide.


In mid-2008, Citizens For National Security assembled a volunteer Task Force to uncover and evaluate Islamic efforts to exert their influence in Florida’s public schools. In its initial report, CFNS focused exclusively on “flawed” K-12 history and geography textbooks – defined as those that included egregious errors, glaring omissions, questionable inclusions, or political, ethnic, cultural and other biases that clearly seek to foster an Islamic agenda at the expense of Christianity and Judaism.


Over a two-year period of research, CFNS found almost 250 fully referenced quotations and excerpts from flawed textbooks that exemplify their Islamic slant. Of all the Islam-flawed K-12 history and geography textbooks identified, almost half of them were in use in Florida. Six school districts were using at least five of these flawed textbooks, and seven districts at least four. 64 of Florida’s 67 districts use one or more, and nine were using flawed textbooks not adopted by Florida statewide.


CFNS’s persistent three-year efforts eventually resulted in a major publisher of American school books, Pearson Prentice Hall, having to correct the content of an already-printed flawed textbook that it intended to sell to a huge school district in Florida, and reprint it, before it could be purchased. Getting these results in Florida – third largest buyer of elementary and high-school textbooks in the country – will have profound nationwide implications for others dealing with these tainted texts. CFNS effort will have a positive impact on maintaining high educational standards and breaking the misinformation of political correctness. CFNS’s intention is to have all of the tainted textbooks removed or corrected. The full downloadable CFNS Textbook report, as well as the CFNS Teacher’s Guide with corrections, can be found at www.CFNS.US.

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  1. Paul S. Riker says:

    Good Job!

  2. W.m. says:

    Thank you so very much for the work you do! Priceless !


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