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Dr. Chris Tienken: “Common Core Testing Like Child Abuse”

Dr. Christopher Tienken. Seton Hall University

Dr. Christopher Tienken. Seton Hall University

(Editor:   In his powerful fact-packed video “The Assessment Landscape,”  Dr. Christopher Tienken, attacks the notion that an unproven battery of tests as imposed by the Common Core Standard will serve the goal of educating America’s children on what matters. Dr. Tienken says that one-size-fits all testing in a country of 300 Millions only serves the narrow interest of politicians and their corporate cronies. Dr. Tienken warns that the nationalized approach to education will rob parents, children and taxpayers of their right to participate in the process of education. He says: “Parents and taxpayers will be powerless to stop the centralized train wreck that is the Common Core.”)

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Dr. Christopher Tienken, an assistant professor of Education Administration at Seton Hall University in the College of Education and Human Services, Department of Education Management, Policy, and Leadership. Dr. Tienken has been outspoken in his opposition to Common Core because its methods are unproven and its estimated incremental costs are $15 Billion, but likely to be much higher than that. Even worse, Dr. Tienken says that that Common Core eliminate most great works of fiction, and robs our children of their culture and heritage.

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2 Responses to “Dr. Chris Tienken: “Common Core Testing Like Child Abuse””

  1. Linda H. says:

    This is one of the best presentations I’ve seen on why Common Core is a very bad idea.

    It is being pushed for big profits, not for quality education. Why are we forcing our children into a cookie cutter prototype? One size does not fit all in this country and it never will.

    We need to get corporate America OUT of education.

  2. Bill Bledsoe says:

    The Dr. is right. Though the participants who engineered the CC ‘standards’ may have lived in several different states, that’s as close as it gets. IF States created it, why is it none knew the content (or implementation rules) until AFTER they adopted it? The more people find out what is IN the curricula, the more they oppose it. There is a major backlash nationwide, though you would not know from the liberal press. Local school administrators and teachers are reluctant to talk about it, except to quote word-for-word from the CC Initiative.


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