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Cowardly NJ Principal Cancels “God Bless America” After Pledge


(Editor: Another school has succumbed to ACLU threats. Haddon Heights, NJ elementary school kids used to say “God Bless America” after the Pledge of Allegiance, but ACLU bullies stopped it with an empty threat. It is perfectly legal to say “God Bless America” but as in so many similar cases, school leadership usually folded first. When was the last time the ACLU defended the First Amendment rights of Christians? What kind of lesson does this teach the kids)?




HADDON HEIGHTS, N.J. (CBS) —  Students at a Haddon Heights Elementary School are getting a real-life lesson in Constitutional law.

Staffers at Glenview Elementary School say it became a daily ritual for students to say “God bless America” after the morning recital of the Pledge of Allegiance.


Principal Sam Sassano says it was not something the school promoted or required; it just endured as a way to honor first responders after 9/11.

“It never, to us, invoked any type of religious intentions. It was basically a patriotic gesture that the boys and girls were doing,” Sassano told KYW Newsradio.


But Sassano says the ACLU sent the school board attorney a letter challenging the recital of “God Bless America” as unconstitutional.

Rather than engage in an expensive legal battle, Sassano sent an email to parents over the weekend saying the school will look for alternate ways to honor those in the September 11th tragedy.

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