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Mass Dems Try to Stop Successful Charter Schools


Massachusetts Question 2 for Charters

Massachusetts Question 2 for Charters

By Bill Korach


Stanford University did a study of charter schools in Massachusetts. Boston Charter students “gain 12 months in reading and 13 month in math per school year. Charters with predominantly blacks are actually making better progress than whites in traditional government schools. In fact there are 32,000 kids, mostly blacks, on the waiting list for charters in Massachusetts. Republican Governor Charlie Baker and the Republican legislature are in support of Question 2 on the ballot that will lift restrictions on the number of charters in the state. After all, if kids are doing better with charters, why not have more?


Democrats and their teachers union puppet masters are opposed to more charters because charters are mostly non-union and can operate independently of the hide-bound school bureaucracy. Congressman Joe Kennedy has come out against Question 2. What happened to the Kennedy’s that used to care about education? They’ve been bought and paid for by the teachers union and the bureaucracy. What do the presidential candidates say? Hillary Clinton flip flopped and now opposes charters. Donald Trump is 100% in support of school choice and that means charters.


What do the unions want? More money and benefits. But that doesn’t help the kids.

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