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A Trump for Education



By Bill Korach


It has been widely reported that a Yale Law economics professor has given comfort to his tender students distraught over Donald Trump’s victory. The professor made his exam optional. saying: “I am getting many heartfelt notes from students who are in shock over the election returns” and “fear, rightly or wrongly for their families” and are “requesting that the exam be postponed.”


These poor deluded students fail to understand that President elect Trump will actually be a great boon to education in America. He prefers school choice and he wants to abolish Common Core at all levels. Both of these steps will improve America’s flagging academic standing worldwide and improve our sagging morality that gives rise to narcissism among our youth. The distraught Yale snowflakes are a good case in point.


Trump has stated that he supports school choice. School choice consists of vouchers that provide students of poorly performing public school a voucher in the amount of the cost the school pays for each student. In many places in Florida, for example, school districts spend between $7-8,000 per students. The voucher would then be good for that amount to be paid to a private school of parent’s choice.


Another form of choice is the charter school. A charter school is a school run with public funds but managed independent of the public school district. Many charters are outperforming public schools in their districts. Competition is good, and is very American.


Hillary Clinton, at one time, supported charter schools, but under pressure from the Teachers Unions she recanted and flip-flopped. Since the Democrats are given missions by the Teachers Unions, the Democrats do what the unions say and the students be damned. The unions have always been much more about union benefits that about superior educational results. Therefore weep no more my precious Yalies, Trump will improve education and dry all of your tears!

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