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Teachers Wear Black to Protest Trump Pick for Dept. of Ed.



By Bill Korach


The so-called Badass Teachers Association a suddenly formed anti-Trump organization is calling for all members to don black robes to protest the appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. According to their blog, the Badass Teachers Association (BAT) was formed this year for the apparent purpose of stopping Trump nominee Betsy DeVos. Never mind that teachers are supposed to be non-partisan, never mind that naming their organization “badass” sets a pretty poor example to their students, the idea that they are bringing their politics into the classroom by wearing robes is unacceptable. The BAT hates charter schools they hate choice, and so they hate DeVos.


The BAT list of demands appearing on their blog includes: “School cultures rooted in equitable practices that honor the culture and history of all students and strive to heal and transform past and current oppressive systems.” It is not clear what the BAT means by wanting to “transform past and current oppressive systems, but it sounds like they have a problem with America.


The Teachers unions threw 100% of their support in the last election to Hillary Clinton, and they make no effort to disguise their fondness for their monopoly of a failing public education system. For this reason, it is unlikely that any Trump nominee who supported charter schools and choice would be acceptable to them.


School administrators should not permit the wearing of black robes or any overt political statement in the classroom. Teachers should teach, not indoctrinate



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