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Hartford Media: High School Cheering for Trump is Racist

Canton, CT High School


By Bill Korach

At a basketball match between Canton High School, in Connecticut and Hartford, Classical Magnet school, Canton Students were cheering for Trump. They shouted “Trump, Trump, Trump.” Somehow, the media and school officials say cheering for Trump is racist. How do they come to that conclusion? For the leftist newspaper, The Hartford Courant it’s easy. According to the paper:


“So, it’s disturbing that some residents at the board meeting minimized last week’s incident at Canton High School in which students from the white town chanted “Trump, Trump, Trump” and other taunts at the visiting Hartford team. “They are proud Republicans, they are proud of their conservative values, they don’t consider it a racist slur,” one speaker, Stephen Roberto, said of the Canton hecklers.”


“Of course, it was a racist slur” insists the paper. There’s no question that the president’s name, when shouted by whites at blacks and Hispanics, is meant to invoke white supremacy.


Therefore, according to the Hartford Courant, because Canton is a majority white school and Classical Magnet is majority black, cheering for Trump is ipso facto racism. The Courant went on the assert”


“The school is still investigating who said what at the Feb. 28 game that pitted players from the 96 percent white town against those from the 70 percent non-white city. But the hecklers clearly intended to intimidate outsiders of a different race, the young men of color on the court who were representing Hartford’s Classical Magnet School.”

The aggressive media attack on Canton high school cheering, naturally brought a swift mea culpa from the ever-apologetic school district:

“To their credit, many Canton adults (including the superintendent of schools and the school board) were mortified by last week’s bullying.”


Many media outlets continue to deny their obvious bias against Trump or the values shared by Trump’s 63 Million voters. So, look for news stories ad nauseum that connect any support for President Trump as obvious racism.








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