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Key Florida Curriculum Bill Deserves Senate Support


By Bill Korach


This morning I spoke with Keith Flaugh of Florida Citizens Alliance who is supporting House bill HB 989 and its companion in the Senate SB 1210 are now working their way through the legislative process. The Florida Citizens’ Alliance (FLCA) is a coalition of citizens and grassroots groups working together through education, outreach and community involvement to advance the ideals and principles of liberty.  They believe these include but are not limited to individual rights, free markets, and limited government. Mr. Flaugh said his group is very concerned about school materials that indoctrinate students against American principals and support leftist thought. These bills support local control of curriculum materials and include a detailed report of objectionable materials.


In 2014 SB 864 (FS 1006.283) was the K-12 Curriculum Bill signed into law by Governor Scott in July of 2014. Its purpose was to:
– Assign each school board the constitutional responsibility to select and provide adequate instructional materials.
–  Require each district to create a transparent review policy/process allowing parents to review instructional materials and raise objections if the material was not accurate or was objectionable.
–  Allow School districts to implement their own selection and acquisition programs as an alternative to buying from the State approved lists.


However, Mr. Flaugh stated that virtually every school district ignored the law and parents remain mostly in the dark about materials that are indoctrinating their children. As a result, HB 989 and SB 1210 are drafted to force school districts to close the loop holes. According to Mr. Flaugh the bill will:


    – Require that each District School Board shall implement a transparent Policy/Process within their
District whether they acquire from the State list or create their individual acquisition program.
– Provide a definition of quality materials and require all materials meet Florida existing laws (
Tighten the definition of instructional materials to include “on-line” materials.
– Give each District School Board greater flexibility to use instructional materials that meet
        or exceed current Florida Standards.
    – Expand a parent’s right to object to include the rights of taxpayers.

Bottom Line: This law will empower parents and community taxpayers a meaningful seat at the table to significantly improve the quality of instructional materials in public schools.


Definition of quality materials spelled out in SB 1210 and HB 989
When passed into law, these Instructional Materials companion bills will restore local control of curriculum to each school district, give a meaningful voice to parents and the local community in the selection process for instructional materials, and require instructional materials used in the classroom meet the following criteria:

a. Be research-based, and be proven to be effective in supporting student learning

  1. Provide a non-inflammatory, objective, and balanced viewpoint on issues
  2. Be appropriate to the students’ ages and varying levels of learning
  3. Be accurate and factual
  4. Be of acceptable technical quality
  5. Shall strictly adhere to the requirements of Florida Statute 1003.42(2) US Constitutional Founding values and principles
  6. Not contain pornography or sexually explicit content as is otherwise prohibited by Florida Statute 847.012(3).

The full detailed 11 page report of objectionable materials in Florida Schools documenting extensive political and religious indoctrination, revisionist history, issues with APUSH, pornographic material and destructive math pedagogy can be found at



Here are just a few of the more egregious example contained in the objectionable materials curriculum report:


“Objectionable Materials Pornography:

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

“He leaned close enough to bite my shoulder, whispering, ‘You fucking tease.” Unable to get close enough, I quickened my pace on his zipper, shoving his pants and his boxers to the floor. I gave his cock a hard squeeze, feeling him pulse against my palm. He forced my skirt up my thighs and pushed me back on the conference table. Before I could utter a single word, he took hold of my ankles, grabbed his cock, and took a step forward, thrusting deep inside me. I couldn’t even be horrified by the loud moan I let out – he felt better than anything. ‘What’s that?’ he hissed through his clenched teeth, his hips slapping against my thighs, driving him deep inside. ‘Never been fucked like this before, have you? You wouldn’t be such a tease if you were being properly fucked.

Revisionist History:

Modern World History, 9th Grade Teacher Edition Year: 2013

Author: Holt McDougal Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The most objectionable portions of the book were the sections on the American Revolution and Founding Principles. In the discussion of the Articles of Confederation, the commentary distorts the extensive back and forth between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists
-no mention of the 13 colonies declaring their independence as 13 independent Nation States, each with powers of the other nations states of Britain, France, etc.

-no mention of the US Constitution being a legal document that created the federal government
-No mention that the federal government was a product of this legal compact and not a signer or ratifier of the compact. -No mention that this legal compact delegated only 18 well-defined and very limited powers in Article 1, sec 8
– Minimal mention of the extensive debates that led to the Bill of Rights and particularly why we have a 9th and 10thamendment.
– Grossly miss-represented the Federalist position/Stating “ colonial leaders eventually recognized the need for a strong national government” –Not true- our Constitution was carefully crafted to limit federal government powers!

Religious/Islamic Indoctrination

Citizens for National Security Report of 25 Florida Textbooks

Citizens for National Security, a nonprofit,501© (3) Public Charity, has created and extensive 101 page assessment of 25 Florida K-12 textbooks that specifically outline “egregious errors, glaring omissions, questionable inclusions or political, ethical, cultural and other biases that clearly seek to foster an Islamic agenda”. Their report is titled “Corrections to Islam-biased content in FloridaK-12 Textbook” by William M. Korach II and Dr. William A. Saxton. The study, dated 2012”, assessed history and geography textbooks in use for all 67 Florida counties. It confirmed that over 900 of these Islam biased textbooks were being used in Florida schools and 64 of the 67 counties using one or more. The report contains an assessment over 200 flawed quotes and errors with detailed documentation as to why the material is flawed.

Citizens For National Security was successful at getting several books taken out or revised by the publisher in Palm Beach County back in 2012-13 but this effort did not extend to the other counties.

HB 989 and SB 1210 deserve to be fully sponsored and brought to the floor for a up or down vote. We urge readers to support this legislation.







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