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Pastor Condemns “Day Without Women” School Shutdown

Day Without Women March


By Dr. Mark Conrad


This past Wednesday, I checked the network news to make sure nothing major had happened overnight, and to my surprise, March 8 was declared “A Day Without Women. I decided to investigate this new topic and figure out what was going on.


The first thing I found out was that it was supported by groups such as Planned Parenthood,, and Amnesty International to name a few.


The second thing I found out is that schools in Alexandria, Va., North Carolina’s Chapel Hill-Carrboro school district, Prince George’s County school district in Maryland and some schools in New York were shut down. (The school districts said the shutdown was not a political statement in support of the protest, but protection of the children because not enough teachers would be in school. I wish people would be honest, if it smells like a skunk, walks like a skunk, and looks like a skunk, it is a skunk)!


The third thing I found out was that this was supposed to be about gender equality. (Hmm, I wonder if any of the women who wanted to participate on March 8 couldn’t because they got up that day and decided that were of “gender fluidity” and they identified as a man? I also wonder if any men woke up that day and “felt” like a woman so he could take the day off too)!


I then decided to see what other women thought about this idea. Here’s what I found” According to “Concerned Women of America,” they criticized the event as misguided and unrepresentative of women as a whole. Author and writer, Suzanne Venker said, “I would no more participate in this event than I would stick needles in my eyes.” I also asked the woman who I trust most (my wife) her opinion. First, I found out that she didn’t know anything about it and second, her exact quote to me was: “how stupid.”


Here are some pretty interesting facts about women’s equality in the United States: women in the U.S. hold 43% of senior management positions and 46% of American firms are owned or co-owned by women! However, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, as women have gained more freedom, more education and more power, they have become less happy overall.


I have come to some conclusions as the result of looking into this subject:


  1. This was not about gender equality; it was about politics
  2. The teachers who decided to follow this misguided event should be held accountable for not being at work. (I wonder what they would do if their child threw a tantrum and said they were not going to clean up their room because mom was mean)?
  3. The school officials should be held accountable for giving into bad behavior. Believe me, this is going to start a new trend in society).
  4. The vast majority of women in this country disagree with this foolishness.
  5. Teachers need to leave politics out of the classroom. They have a responsibility to teach our children and to use their skills to help children learn to use their God given abilities to survive in the world. Teachers should not become tools for the advancement of a political agenda.


Finally, I would like to thank my wife, my mother and all of the women who sacrifice every day for the betterment of those around them. I have been blessed with the example of these women set before me throughout my life. I am thankful that they refuse to accept the idea of being victims and instead carry the banner of victory. Most of us must admit that it is the example of women like these that have taught us the values of life. I believe all of us have to face times in this life when life is unfair; the question we have to answer for ourselves is: is it going to make us bitter or better?


(Dr. Mark Conrad is Senior Pastor at Turning Point at Calvary Baptist Church, St. Augustine, FL)

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