New Book: “Challenge of Dawa” A Threat Greater Than Islamic Terror



By Bill Korach

The columns have frequently reported on the danger of Islamic infiltration of American institutions. Law enforcement, government and more importantly education have fallen victim to the deceptions of Dawa. An apostate Muslim, Hirsi Ali has written an important book on the dangers of Dawa entitled “The Challenge of Dawa.”

The author was interviewed in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal on the subject of Dawa:


Ayaan Hirsi Ali, born in Somalia in 1969, is Islam’s most eloquent apostate. She has just published a slim book that seeks to add a new four-letter word—dawa—to the West’s vocabulary. It describes the ceaseless, world-wide ideological campaign waged by Islamists as a complement to jihad. It is, she says, the greatest threat facing the West and “could well bring about the end of the European Union as we know it.” America is far from immune, and her book, “The Challenge of Dawa,” is an explicit attempt to persuade the Trump administration to adopt “a comprehensive anti-dawa strategy before it is too late…….


“Dawa, Ms. Hirsi Ali explains, is “conducted right under our noses in Europe, and in America. It aims to convert non-Muslims to political Islam and also to push existing Muslims in a more extreme direction.” The ultimate goal is “to destroy the political institutions of a free society and replace them with Shariah.” It is a “never-ending process,” she says, and then checks herself: “It ends when an Islamic utopia is achieved. Shariah everywhere!……

Ms. Hirsi Ali contends that the West has made a colossal mistake by its obsession with “terror” in the years since 9/11. “In focusing only on acts of violence,” she says, “we’ve ignored the Islamist ideology underlying those acts. By not fighting a war of ideas against political Islam—or ‘Islamism’—and against those who spread that ideology in our midst, we’ve committed a blunder………

Islam the religion, in Ms. Hirsi Ali’s view, is a Trojan horse that conceals Islamism the political movement. Since dawa is, ostensibly, a religious missionary activity, its proponents “enjoy a much greater protection by the law in free societies than Marxists or fascists did in the past.” Ms. Hirsi Ali is not afraid to call these groups out. Her book names five including the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which asserts—and in turn receives in the mainstream media—the status of a moderate Muslim organization. But groups like CAIR, Ms. Hirsi Ali says, “take advantage of the focus on ‘inclusiveness’ by progressive political bodies in democratic societies, and then force these societies to bow to Islamist demands in the name of peaceful coexistence….”

CAIR has been particularly successful in penetrating the public schools and textbook publishers with false accounts of Christianity and claims that Islam grew peacefully not by the sword as the historical facts demonstrate. The Boca Raton based Citizens for National Security has published a report detailing 25 Islam-biased history and political science textbooks in the state of Florida alone. CAIR flies under the banner of multi-culturalism and tolerance to go into schools and not only promote Islam, but also proselytize Islam by teaching the Koran and brining students on field trips to Mosques where they are told to pray and recite the shahada.


A former Marine John Kevin Wood a committed Christian and the Thomas More Law Center is suing his Maryland school district because they are forcing his daughter to learn the Five Pillars of Islam and recite the Shahada: “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.”

Imagine the public  outcry if school administrators demanded non-Christian students to go to Church and sing Sacred Hymns. But credulous school administrators are trained to sit up, roll over, and fetch every time the magic words “diversity and multi-culturalism are uttered.





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