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Prof Calls for a Commission to Promote American Exceptionalism in College and High School

By Bill Korach

Dr. Peter Wood, President of The National Association of Scholars, a conservative think tank that believes America is a truly exceptional country. Dr. Wood also believes that most colleges today teach, or indoctrinate  the exact opposite. I spoke with Dr. Wood this morning about ways to fight colleges that want to replace traditional ideas about American Exceptionalism with their own hard left notions.

According to Dr. Wood:

“College produces people who think that the great lesson they’ve learned is that Western civilization is rotten to the core, that America is an experiment in hypocrisy and that the only thing we can do is overturn what our forefathers have handed down to us.”

“American higher education took the news of Trump’s election quite badly. As colleges appear to be the home base of the Trump “resistance” movement, students are demonstrating their utter ignorance that the Electoral College is the system Americans use to select a president.”

Dr. Wood is recommending President Donald Trump establish a blue-ribbon commission on American exceptionalism with historians, entrepreneurs and experts to counter the left’s cancerous narrative that America is irredeemably flawed. Dr. Wood believes that irrevocable harm and totalitarian thinking is the result of today’s university limits on freedom of expression and toleration of one hard left point of view to the exclusion of all others.

Dr. Wood believes that the graduating millennials, believing that our Constitutional Republic stands in the way of their dreams of one world government and thought control, might well become America’s future leaders. Dr. Wood believes that if current hard left educational indoctrination trends in K-12 as well as higher education are not reversed, our Constitutional form of government could cease to exist.


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