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Race Requirements Wreck Relationships



By Bill Korach


We were supposed to be living in post-racial America where according to Martin Luther King, Jr. we would not be judged by the color of our skin but by the content of our character. Yet by any measure the racial climate is worse than it has been for decades. In spite of America’s selection of a black President, a former black Secretary of Defense and now many black corporate leaders, according to a Rasmussen poll, 60% of Americans think race relations have gotten worse during Obama’s presidency.


Could it have anything to do will the explosion of race consciousness promoted by America’s educational establishment? According to the College Fix,

“Several college professors picked apart Jane Austen, who would have turned 200 years old this year. In a packed room full of female attendees at the Modern Language Association (MLA), the professors criticized Jane Austen’s “whiteness” in her writing and how post-Trump, people can turn to Austen’s readings to escape from reality.

Mary Favret, an English professor at Johns Hopkins University, directed her remarks at four main points:

  1. When and how Jane Austen comforted whiteness?
  2. Is Jane Austen taught in HBCUs?
  3. Was there an influence on black writers?
  4. Can we read Jane Austen alongside authors of color?

She analyzed Jane Austen’s “whiteness” and how this “romance of the Anglo-Saxon-ness” pervaded white culture from the United Kingdom to the American colonies. Favret called it, “hashtag #AustenSoWhite” a reference to the social media boycott of the annual Hollywood awards show The Oscars for not including minorities. She asked, “When and how does Austen give comfort to whiteness?”

Since Jane Austen was an Anglo Saxon her stories were naturally about the culture she experienced. So where is the problem? Should whites be ashamed of being born white? Well, in fact they should according to The Elizabethtown College Democrats, whites should be ashamed of themselves:

“Students at Elizabethtown College this month are wearing white pins in the shape of puzzle pieces to remind them of their white privilege.

The campaign was launched over the weekend by the Elizabethtown College Democrats, who say it aims to make students at the small and private liberal arts college in Pennsylvania more introspective about issues of race, especially in their predominantly white region of Lancaster County.

“Discussions about race are often perceived as being only open to people of color, but I think it is just as important for white people to partake in conversations about race,” Aileen Ida, president of the College Democrats, told The College Fix via email.

Ida said white people are continually allowing for a societal system of oppression to occur unless they work against it. The white puzzle piece pin represents racial struggles of all sorts.”

Scores of colleges and universities now offer black studies courses, majors and graduate work. Most of these courses focus on black victimhood and white oppression. Is it any wonder that race relations are getting worse, when in fact, more and more  blacks are achieving high levels of accomplishment?





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Has Education Gone Mad or is there Another Explanation?



By Bill Korach


During the past week, reports of activities on college campuses and in K-12 public schools point to derangement. But because of the complicity of the administrators of these institutions, something else could be taking place. Here are just three examples of the kind of activity going on in schools across the country:


Principal Steve Nelson of New York’s exclusive and so called progressive school was quotes in the New York Post as having told parents in an email last week that the Trump presidency was more troubling than Vietnam, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the September 11 attacks and Watergate, The Post has learned…

Nelson emailed a series of anguished ruminations on Donald Trump’s ascent to Calhoun parents, simultaneously calling for non-partisanship while skewering the billionaire’s policies. 

Nelson specifically said that he was “more troubled now” than he was watching “soot-covered New Yorkers grimly trudging north on West End Avenue on September 11, 2001.”

Sadly, as the Post explains, the vast majority of the parents and students that they spoke with cheered on the Principal’s comments and were in complete agreement with them. Think about that. A large group of citizens who live in New York City believe that Donald Trump as President is “more troubling” than the events of 9/11. So, according to a school principal, Trump’s election is worse than 9/11 or the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Insanity or something else?


A Georgetown Professor Jonathan Brown, a convert to Islam, stated that rape and slavery were ok if done in the name of Islam. During a recent lecture at the International Institute of Islamic Thought, Brown told his audience that men do not necessarily need consent to have sex with a woman, and that slavery is not in and of itself wrong.

In a lecture that spanned about an hour and twenty minutes, Dr. Brown condemned the practices of slavery in the West (and China), while attempting to argue that slavery in the Muslim world has been far kinder and gentler (which is completely untrue). Dr. Brown also argued that slavery had become “racialized” in the West but was non-racial in the Muslim world, another blatant lie. Lastly, Brown argued that forced labor in the West was abusive but that no such practice ever occurred in the Muslim world. The professor uses Orwellian doublespeak with these remarks.

“It’s not immoral for one human to own another human,” Brown stated in his clearest defense of slavery. Brown went onto state that being an employee is basically the same as being a slave…

And on the question of rape:

“Consent isn’t necessary for lawful sex,” said Professor Jonathan Brown of Georgetown University… Brown emphatically stated consent is a modern Western concept and only recently had come to be seen as necessary (perhaps around the time feminism began to take root and women decided they wanted autonomy over their bodies). Brown went on to elaborate consent wasn’t necessary to moral and ethical sex

Dear reader, we are speaking of Georgetown, a formerly great university. How has Professor Brown been able to keep his job promoting rape and slavery? Why has the administration not condemned the rant? Insanity or something else.

The University of California Berkeley riots against the First Amendment caused a great deal of personal harm and hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Although Chancellor Nickolas Dirks condemned the riot, he virtually invited the riot with these provocative remarks:

In our view, Mr. Yiannopoulos is a troll and provocateur who uses odious behavior in part to “entertain,” but also to deflect any serious engagement with ideas. He has been widely and rightly condemned for engaging in hate speech directed at a wide range of groups and individuals, as well as for disparaging and ridiculing individual audience members, particularly members of the LGBTQ community. Mr. Yiannopoulos’s opinions and behavior can elicit strong reactions and his attacks can be extremely hurtful and disturbing. Although we urge anyone who is concerned about being targeted by Mr. Yiannopoulos to consider whether there is any value in attending this event, we stand ready to provide resources and support to our community members who may be adversely affected by his words and actions on the stage (we will provide more detail about these resources in a subsequent message).

Is this insanity or something else? And what else could it be? Perhaps the educational establishment is joining with the media in trying to delegitimize President Trumps electoral victory. In addition, perhaps the educational establishment is trying to delegitimize the values of those 63 Million voters who elected him.





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DeVos Confirmed Teachers Unions Enraged



By Bill Korach


As everyone knows who has been following the hearings, Betsy DeVos was confirmed by the Senate 51-50 with Vice President Pence voting with the Republicans to break the tie. Many of the confirmation hearings have been problematic as the Democrats have slow walked the confirmation process, but the hearing for The Secretary of Education was particularly vehement. The Democratic donor base relies strongly upon the Teachers unions who funnel millions of dollars to the Democrats to protect their power base and union jobs. Unfortunately, the Teachers Unions have done a very poor job educating American children, particularly those students in poor minority neighborhoods.


Betsy DeVos stands for school choice and school choice in the form of private school vouchers and charters schools have done what public school have failed to do and that is educate. Daniel Henninger writes in the Wall Street Journal why charters are so important in educating American children and the unions have fought against it with such fury:


The charter-school movement emerged first in Minnesota in 1991. Wisconsin passed the first school-choice legislation in 1989, authored by a Democratic black activist named Polly Williams. Some of us thought then that Polly Williams was the start of a new, bipartisan civil- rights movement. How naive we were.

The movement persisted. According to a 2016 study by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, using state databases, these are the percentages of students now enrolled in public

charters only: In now-famous Flint, Mich.: 53%. Kansas City: 40%; Philadelphia: 32%; the District of Columbia: 45%; Detroit: 53%.

In Louisiana, which essentially abandoned its failed central-administration model after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans charters are at 92%.
The steady migration of poor families to these alternatives is a historic saga of social transformation. It happened for two reasons: to escape public-school disorder and to give their kids a shot at learning.

This is one of greatest civil-rights stories since the mid-1960s. And the Democratic Party’s role in it? About zero. Other than, as in the past two weeks, resistance.
In 2002, the Supreme Court, with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor ’s deciding vote, ruled that Cleveland’s (still successful) school voucher program was constitutional.

In 2013, the Obama Justice Department sought an injunction against Louisiana’s voucher system, arguing the alternative schools were . . . too black. By this logic, children are wards of the state first and the free sons and daughters of their parents second.
Let’s be clear. We are talking about the professional Democratic Party and their full-time adjuncts. Many Democrats, some as “wealthy” as Betsy DeVos, abandoned the party’s hard- line resistance and supported charters and choice.

America’s inner cities are the foundation of the Democratic Party. Now, its urban political arm, the teachers unions, is shrinking. And its moral foundation of black parents is drifting away. Hillary Clinton explicitly promised more of the status quo. They didn’t turn out for her.
This relentless erosion of an unreformable party explains the rage over one woman, Betsy DeVos.

Some of the least attractive elements of this opposition reemerged, notably anti-Catholicism and anti-Christian bigotry. Stories cited as reason for opposition to Mrs. DeVos her support for “Christian schools.” It’s true. Those Christian and Catholic schools, supported by vouchers, have sent thousands of black and Hispanic kids on to college, the first in their families to make it that far.

Frederick Douglass, speaking in 1894 in Manassas, Va., said, “To deny education to any people is one of the greatest crimes against human nature.” That in 2016 this reality should be redefined in our politics as it was so clearly by the fight against Betsy DeVos is one for the history books.


With DeVos at the helm, American student hopefully see their learning and international standing improve. But don’t expect the Teacher’s unions to go quietly. They will fight reform to their last breath, and drag the Democrats with them.



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VCU Issues Guide to Pick Your Gender



By Bill Korach


The Virginia Commonwealth University’s Office of Multicultural Affairs has published LBGTQQIAAPP Terminology Guide to assist their uninformed student body with the very complicated task of determining their own gender.  While the guide may seem to offer an extensive list of genders from which to choose, VCU notes that gender “language is constantly evolving, and these definitions are not by any means comprehensive” before warning that “terms of self-identification should not be used to label others without their consent.”


Here are a few examples from the VCU booklet of multi-gender self determination:



Biological Sex/ Natal Sex/ Birth Sex/ Sex: The medical term used for the identification of male, female, or intersex sex i.e. chromosomes, gonads, and/or genitalia

Cisgender/ Cis/ Gender Normative/ Gender Straight: a person who has a normative gender presentation, when a person’s gender identity, gender expression, and biological sex align. A person who is not transgender.

Cisgender Privilege/ Cis privilege: The societal assumption and norm that all people are cisgender. There are basic civil rights and social privileges that a cisgendered person automatically receives that are systematically denied to transgender persons, simply because of their gender identity/ gender presentation

Demisexual: a person who is not immediately sexually attracted to other people. A person who’s sexual attraction to another person develops after developing a relationship (not necessarily romantic). Often considered within the asexuality spectrum

Gender Confirmation surgery: any surgery to make a person’s outward appearance more closely align with their gender rather than biological sex, also known as gender reassignment surgery, many have transitioned to Gender Confirmation Surgery as it utilizes more positive language.

Heterosexual Privilege/Heteronormativity: The societal assumption and norm that all people are heterosexual. There are basic civil rights and social privileges that a heterosexual person automatically receives that are systematically denied to queer persons, simply because of their sexual orientation.



And here is a glossary VCU provides:



although this term has and is still used as a slur, the

term has been re-appropriated by some in the queer

community and is typically directed at gay men to describe their

effeminate mannerisms and their “gayness”.


: female-to-male. Indicates a trans individual who was

assigned the sex of female at birth, but has claimed a male

gender identity


: typically used to describe a man whose primary romantic,

emotional, physical and sexual attractions are to other men.

This term is sometimes used as an umbrella term for LGB


Gender Confirmation surgery:

any surgery to make a person’s

outward appearance more closely align with their gender rather

than biological sex,


also known as gender reassignment

surgery, many have transitioned to Gender Confirmation

Surgery as it utilizes more positive language.

Gender Bending:

The process of any gender expression that is non-normative

Gender Binary:

the socially constructed idea that all people identify as either male or female. This concept ignores all identities that fall on the gender

spectrum between male and female.

Gender Cues:

societal norms and practices that indicate gender

Gender Expression:

the outward presentation and performance of gender

Gender/ Gender Identity

: how one thinks of one’s own gender. This conviction is not contingent upon the individual’s sex. There are ranges of different

gender identities and everyone has an individualized experience.



: a rejection of the gender binary (male/female)

in favor of a more fluid, nontraditional identity. This is

sometimes used as an umbrella term for all gender non-

conforming individuals. Sometimes known as Gender Fluid or

Gender Non-Conforming.


Gender Spectrum

: the idea that not all people identify as

either male or female, some identify somewhere in between

male or female or do not identify with the terms ‘male’ or

‘female’ at all. This concept replaces the gender binary.

GSM/ Gender and Sexual Minority

: another title for the queer



societal structure that assumes

heterosexual lifestyles/ identities are the normal / appropriate

way of living


: the system of oppression that reinforces the

belief in the inherent superiority of heterosexuality and

heterosexual relationships, thereby negating gays’, lesbians’, and bisexuals’ lives and relationships.




: The societal assumption and norm that all people are heterosexual. There are basic civil rights and social

privileges that a heterosexual person automatically receives that are systematically denied to queer persons, simply because of their sexual orientation.


: negative feelings, attitudes, actions or behaviors towards anyone who is queer, or perceived to identify as queer. Internalized homophobia is

a fear of same-sex or queer tendencies within oneself and can lead to repression. Institutionalized homophobia refers to the systematic enforcement of

heteronormativity such as homophobic laws, policies, and positions taken by social and governmental institutions.


a person who is attracted to people of the same gender. A bit of an outdated term. Most people prefer the terms “gay”, “lesbian”,

“bisexual”, or “queer” to describe their identities


: attraction to the same gender. A bit of an outdated term. Most people prefer the terms “gay”, “lesbian”, “bisexual”, or “queer” to

describe their identities.

Hormone Replacement Therapy, HRT:

The use of biological hormone treatment for gender-variant or trans people to make their body align more closely

with their gender.


a biological condition, in which a person has non-definitive biological or physical indicators of sex, can manifest in genitalia or chromosomal

abnormality. Formally known as hermaphrodite, although the queer community has moved away from that term as it has been determined to be offensive.


: a woman-identified person whose primary romantic, emotional, physical and sexual attractions are to other people who identify as women

Lipstick Lesbian:

an extremely feminine presenting lesbian


: the acronym for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual”, the acronym may be

expanded to a variation of LGBTQQIAAPP to include questioning, ally, pansexual, and polyamorous. Often shortened to “the Queer Community” or “Gender

and Sexual Minority/GSM”.


: male-to-female. Indicates a trans individual who was assigned a male identity at birth, but has claimed a female identit



the act of disclosing the sexual orientation or gender identity of another person against their will. In some cases can be life threatening


wearing something in one’s groin region to have a more masculine appearance


someone who is sexually and emotionally attracted to people regardless of their gender. People who do not restrict their emotional and

physical attraction to people identifying exclusively as “male” or “female” often use this identity. This term adheres to the idea of a gender spectrum

rather than a gender binary.


the ability of a queer person to blend into a gender and heteronormative society, mostly used for gender expression, but can also refer to a

cisgendered lesbian or gay person going unnoticed in heteronormative society

Polyamorous/ Poly:

derived from “Poly” meaning many and “amour” meaning love. Polyamorous sometimes shortened to poly generally refers to a

consensual and ethical relationship between three or more people that involves both physical and emotional intimacy between all members of the



: anything outside the ‘norms’ of heterosexuality or cisgendered. Originally used with negative connotations, but is currently being reclaimed by

many within the LGBTQIA+ community. Can also denote a political identity or ideology.

Queer Bashing:

Slang term for hate crimes directed at LGBTQIA+



a state of being in which one is unsure of their

gender expression, sexuality, or queer status

Same Gender Loving:

a term often used by African American queer

people to describe gay, lesbian, or bisexual people

Sex/ Sexual Behavior

: An act, or series of acts, that humans do as

a part of the expression of their sexuality.

Sexuality/ Sexual Orientation

: how one thinks of oneself in terms of

to whom one is sexually or romantically attracted. Orientation is

not dependent on physical experience, but rather on a person’s

feelings and attractions.

Stud/ Aggressive/ AG:

terms that typically describe a more

masculine and dominant presenting lesbian

Trans/ Transgender

: used both as an umbrella term and as an

identity. Broadly, referring to a person who’s gender identity and biological sex do not align. As an identity the term refers to anyone who transgresses

traditional sex and gender categories. This can include transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, queer, transvestite, cross-dresser, MTF, FTM, Two-Spirit,



a person whose biological sex was female and whose gender identity is male



negative feelings, attitudes, actions or behaviors towards trans people, or people perceived to identify as trans. Can originate from within or

outside of the Queer community. Internalized transphobia is a fear of trans tendencies within oneself and can lead to repression of one’s identities.

Institutionalized transphobia refers to the systematic enforcement of gender normativity such as transphobic laws, policies, and positions taken by social

and governmental institutions


a person whose biological sex was male and whose gender identity is female


: a person who crossdresses. The term has been used as a slur for queer people, some have appropriated the term particularly in England

(Hill, Camilla, 2016)



To the benighted, such a this writer, the only genders are male and female. However, the scholars at VCU have become convinced that not only can one determine his/her/its own gender, but once has many varieties which the university has listed in its booklet. What is truly shocking is the fact that in science, genetics, faith and the spectrum of human history, no culture or scientist or, religious lead has ever stated that one can choose one’s own gender. Even more outrageous is that VCU is stating that there are many versions of gender from which to choose.


Recall that VCU is supposed to be an institution of higher learning and what they are saying flies in the face of science and everything we know to be truth. That truth is that one is born either a male or a female. Regardless of personal feelings, hormone injections and surgery nothing can change that fact. In the past a condition where one was born males but wanted to be female, was considered a condition of mental illness, not to be celebrated. Now municipalities across America, including Jacksonville, are considering ordinances that “protect” transgendered persons from discrimination. Forget that there are few if any cases where transgendered people have been harmed, and that they are only a tiny percentage of the population. The very notion that we can be persuaded that one can choose one’s own gender is a lie. If they can persuade us of this then they can persuade us of anything.









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Are US Colleges Embracing a Fascist Worldview?



By Bill Korach


In fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, there was one acceptable way of thought, and one kind of acceptable speech: that of the Fuehrer and the Duce. Both Mussolini and Hitler had strong socialist views and of course the middle name of Nazi is “socialist.” Fascist thought was enforced at the university, in the press and on the pulpit. Violators would be beaten up, shouted down, and their books burned. Many American universities are starting to resemble fascist totalitarian institutions instead of the citadels of free thought and ideas they once represented.


During the past year, speakers were either disinvited or shouted down, including Milo Yiannopoulos at University of California Berkeley earlier this week. Yiannopoulos appearance caused a violent riot at the San Francisco campus damaging property and causing physical harm. It speaks volumes that none of the protestors were arrested. Here are just a few of the dozens cancelled:


Brown University — Janet Mock

The TV host and transgender-rights activist withdrew from a speaking event after students protested, not because of the content of Mock’s speech, but because pro-Israel group Hillel cosponsored the lecture.

California State University at Los Angeles — Ben Shapiro

Critics slammed the conservative writer and claimed his proposed lecture — about microaggressions, Black Lives Matter, and safe spaces — was not a debate but an attack. The university revoked his invitation, later allowing Shapiro to come to the campus after he threatened legal action.

“These aren’t diversity warriors,” Shapiro told Breitbart News. “They’re jackbooted thugs.”

University of California at Berkeley — Nicholas Dirks

The chancellor of Berkeley was scheduled to have a public discussion about the value of higher education, but the event was shut down after by students chanted and shouted over him. The protesters stated that he wasn’t doing enough to help black students suffering hardships on campus and that his salary was too high.

University of Chicago — Anita Alvarez

The Cook County, Illinois, state attorney’s speech was interrupted and did not continue because of both student and nonstudent protesters.

Protesters claimed that Alvarez was responsible for “state violence against Black and brown people in the City of Chicago” and failed to charge police officers, according to a press release from Black Lives Matter (BLM) Chicago, The Chicago Maroon reported.

Chicago has a history of extreme mistrust between its African-American community and police enforcement. Most recently, fury over the killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, whom prosecutors claim police shot 16 times, reached Alvarez.


Anita Alvarez

University of Chicago — Bassem Eid

Students advocating for the Palestinian cause interrupted and shut down the political analyst and human-rights advocate’s speech at the college. Eid, who is himself Palestinian, made comments that were seen as pro-Israel.

“Do not speak on behalf of the Palestinians again!” a student yelled during the event, The Chicago Maroon reported.

George Washington University — Action Bronson

The college revoked the rapper’s invitation to perform due to claims his lyrics are misogynistic and that he has history of public transphobia.

Pressure on social media mounted and a petition to have Bronson removed from the lineup had hundreds of signatures by the time the administration agreed to revoke his invitation to perform.

Trinity College — Action Bronson

Another college did the same due to claims Bronson’s lyrics are violent and sexually explicit.

More than 1,300 students signed a petition that stated: “Allowing Action Bronson to perform at Spring Weekend would create a psychologically harmful and drastically unsafe space for women, LGBTQIA+ students, and survivors of sexual assault.”

Hampshire College — Emily Wong

The school revoked its request for the physician at Massachusetts General Hospital’s to give a commencement speech due to students’ claims that she could not “directly address student concerns” regarding racial issues and transphobia.

Instead, Wong was replaced with activist Reina Gossett who was chosen “because her life and work engage the issues that have been raised by students around anti-blackness, transphobia, and sexual violence,” the school’s press release read, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Brandeis University cancelled plans to give an honorary degree to Hirsi Ali, an Muslim who has been speaking out against Islamic violence.

University of Pennsylvania — John Brennan

The director of the CIA had an event substantially disrupted by protesters for his involvement in drone strikes in the Middle East.

After three instances where protesters interrupted and spoke over Brennan, the event ended early.


San Francisco State University — Nir Barkat

A group of pro-Palestine protestors forced the mayor of the City of Jerusalem to end an event early. Instead, he convened with a small group of audience members.

Virginia Tech — Jason Riley

The professor who invited The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) columnist revoked his invitation over concerns of a controversy because he had “written about race issues.”

Riley, who is black, also wrote a book in 2014, called “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed,” which received some criticism.

Williams College — John Derbyshire

The writer and journalist was due to speak at Williams, but college president Adam Falk canceled the event, citing writings that some considered to be racist. Derbyshire published a bullet-point list in web publication Taki’s Magazine about his thoughts on the black community that included:

(10a) Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally.

(10b) Stay out of heavily black neighborhoods.

(10d) Do not attend events likely to draw a lot of blacks.

Williams College — Suzanne Venker

The college revoked the author and social critic’s lecture due to her criticism of feminism.

Venker, a self-described “anti-feminist,” wrote an op-ed for Fox News explaining why women are supposedly having such a hard time finding husbands, called “Why men won’t marry you.”

“There was a time when wives respected their husbands,” one portion read.


One cannot blame the students alone, but faculty and complicit administrations are also culpable. The administration of the University of California Berkeley waited until the last minute to charge the campus Republican Club $6500 for security, something they do not require of leftist groups. The hope was the the Republicans would not be able to raise the money, but a donor stepped in at the last minute.


Campus administrators have implemented highly restrictive speak codes, but called them “inclusive” a sort of Orwellian double speak.

Feminists have driven universities to charge men for rape on flimsy or no evidence. And the accused my not call their accuser. Recall the Duke University charges against the entire Lacrosse team, and that the charges were later tossed out by the courts.


Universities that do not stand for free speech do not deserve to be paid exorbitant fees nor do they deserve taxpayer funding from the states or the federal government.




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Berkeley Students Riot Against Free Speech: Trump Threatens to Cut Federal Funds



By Bill Korach


Free speech has been under assault at American colleges and universities. Students and compliant college administrators are complicit in that assault. Rioters wreaked havoc Wednesday night on the University of California, Berkeley, campus over a planned speech by Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos, destroying a Starbucks, breaking windows and setting fires.The unrest prompted the university to cancel the appearance by the far-right commentator in order to ensure the safety of students and the speaker, officials said.


During the past 12 months, students rioters and protesters have forced dozens of speakers to cancel their scheduled engagements. According to the New York Post “The target of student riots are invariably either conservatives or anyone whose position does not agree with the rioters. At Berkeley hours before the planned speech, hundreds of peaceful demonstrators at the event were carrying signs reading, “Hate speech is not free speech.”

But the situation turned violent when a smaller group of protesters wearing masks and black hooded sweatshirts began shooting off fireworks and hurling metal barricades into storefront windows.

They then started a large bonfire outside the auditorium where Yiannopoulos was to speak and busted up the Starbucks.

Yiannopoulos’ visit to Berkeley was sponsored by the campus Republican Club. The university stressed it had not invited him and does not endorse his ideas but is committed to free speech.”


President Trump responded to the violence in a Tweet: “If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?”


Free speech and First Amendment rights are in danger from leftist faculty and students at many institutions of higher education. These students and faculty are often aided by an indulgent and perhaps sympathetic university administration. Free speech should be a key element of learning. Safe spaces, trigger, warnings, and micro-aggressions are all barriers to free speech that have been allowed to run rampant in colleges across America. Trump is absolutely correct to threaten a cut in Federal funding.


In a Wall Street Journal editorial on January 31, Peter Berkowitz Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute, advocated defunding colleges that deny free speech:


“Something is wrong with American higher education. Colleges and universities offer encomiums to free speech and inquiry, which the First Amendment protects, at least in theory, at public institutions. But the unmistakable trend in higher education is to police speech and thought.

Colleges and universities promulgate speech codes. Administrators, professors and students encourage “trigger warnings” and demand punishment for “microaggressions”—a pretentious word for inadvertent slights—and insist on “safe spaces” from which troubling opinions and ideas are banished. Campus authorities disinvite controversial speakers and look the other way when students shout down dissenters who somehow slipped through. The transparent goal is to prevent any deviation from the reigning orthodoxy……


The democratic process can change this balance of incentives. At the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday, the Phoenix-based Goldwater Institute, in collaboration with Stanley Kurtz of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, will unveil “model state-level legislation designed to safeguard freedom of speech at America’s public university systems.”

The proposal is aimed at state universities because they are subject to the First Amendment and depend for their mandate and their revenues on state governments. But the key provisions are inspired by three exemplary private university reports that expound the principles of free speech in higher education: the University of Chicago’s Kalven Committee Report on the University’s Role in Political and Social Action (1967), the Report of the Committee on Freedom of Expression at Yale (1974) and the Report of the Committee on Freedom of Expression (2015), also from the University of Chicago.


Mr. Berkowitz’s recommendations deserve serious consideration. No university will remain great or even aspire to greatness if it is an enemy of free speech and the First Amendment.


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Ohio State Latest College to Offer “White Privilege” Course



By Bill Korach


Identity politics knows no bounds. Now Ohio State University joins the long list of colleges offering courses on white privilege, micro aggressions, and other topics related to the conviction that all whites are racist, enjoy the perfect life and are genetically just bad people. All of this comes under the general rubric of “diversity.” Conservatives will search in vain for diversity of thought within the course content. Diversity is only diversity if it is defined by the left. Out of state families get to pay $44,000 per year so their children can be educated on this critical topic.


Here is a course summary:

Here is a partial reading list for readers who want to bone up on the topic:



  • Waking up White: What it means to accept your legacy, for better and worse
  • White privilege: unpacking the invisible knapsack
  • Here’s the perfect explanation for why White people need to stop saying #AllLivesMatter
  • 3 examples of everyday cissexism
  • The science behind why people fear refugees
  • Creating identity-safe spaces on college campuses for Muslim students
  • Christian privilege: Breaking a sacred taboo

Meanwhile, per College Fix, homework assignments include, among other things, taking two “implicit bias tests” and finding at least 12 example of micro-aggressions on social media.



Taking the course, offered through the Department of Educational Studies, is one way students can fulfill the university’s mandatory diversity requirement, and many sections are offered throughout the school year.


Part of the homework includes taking two “implicit bias tests,” and writing journals on prompts such as “power/privilege in your life” or calling on Christians to write about what it might feel like to be Muslim, or males on what it’s like to be female, and “reflecting on how this new identity would have impacted your day.”


One big part of the class is a microaggressions group presentation and reflective paper.


The assignment, according to a syllabus, calls on students to “find at least 12 examples of microaggressions using at least 3 different types of social media (e.g., Yik Yak, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest). Explain who the target of the microaggression is and why your group believes it is an example of a negative remark. Provide an example of how you might respond to such a comment.”



At what point does the state government of Ohio step in and ask how this kind of indoctrination helps state funded Ohio State mold better more productive citizens?




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Is Trump Ed Nominee DeVos Pro-Common Core, Islamic Indoctrination?

Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos


By Bill Korach


Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education has come under attack from the teacher’s union and the educational establishment for her well-documented support of school choice. Her record shows she is a strong supporter of charter schools and vouchers that allow public school students to attend private schools of their choice. However, some conservatives say that Ms. DeVos has been a long standing supporter of Common Core Standard (CCSS) and that she has shown support for Islamic indoctrination as part of school curricula. Ms. DeVos will come up for a Senate committee vote tomorrow, January 31st.


According to Education Liberty Watch:


Betsy DeVos’ first statement against Common Core was the day she was appointed. She never worked with and frequently opposed Stop Common Core in Michigan, the grassroots parent organization. All of the organizations she has founded, funded, chaired or on the boards of which she served have been strong supporters of Common Core. Michigan Republican legislators knew to not to oppose Common Core because they could expect a primary challenge by DeVos-funded groups. The charter, voucher, and Title I portability programs she supports most, all require the state Common Core tests.”


According to Breitbart News which at one time was headed by Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon, Ms. DeVos was a long time supporter of Common Core:


“Parents, educators, and grassroots activists across the state of Michigan know exactly who DeVos is and her position on Common Core,” Karen Braun tells Breitbart News the day after DeVos joined Trump in Grand Rapids at a “Thank You” tour stop in her state.

“We’re not fooled by a single, carefully parsed statement on a webpage that she is ‘not a supporter – period,’” she says. “We know the truth. We experienced it first hand. So have many Michigan lawmakers; but for some reason they continue to stay silent and give DeVos a complete pass. Loyalty to DeVos trumps loyalty to the truth, apparently.”


The DeVos nomination drew immediate support from former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who was an early and devoted supporter of Common Core. Some say that his support for Common Core may have been a major contributor to his defeat in the presidential primary. CCSS is tremendously unpopular with parents, and has failed to lift learning. At least 5 states are moving to repeal CCSS. It is most certainly politically toxic.


If Ms. DeVos has moved away from CCSS to another better standard, all well and good. But the senate committee would do well to delve into her position on CCSS and whether a Federal role in state standards is appropriate.


Education Liberty Watch has also stated that Ms. DeVos has supported a pro-Islam curriculum. Organizations like the Council for American Islamic Relations and the Muslim Brotherhood have been deeply involved with classroom instruction and textbooks like World History Pearson that present a falsely positive view of Islam to indoctrinate uninformed school students.


The lesson about Islam from DeVos sponsored Next Lesson state:


“This activity examines the origins and contributions of the Arab people. Through a series of questions, it probes students to think about who is Arab and about our preconceptions of Arabs. Through a series of exercises that rely on geographical, religious, and historical questions the students are able to broaden and specify their understanding of what is an Arab citizen of the 21st century world. This is the first and touchstone lesson of a larger Bridges of Understanding curriculum that is comprised of an additional ten lessons dealing with various aspects of Arab culture. We encourage all teachers to start with this lesson and then to choose a path forward that you deem most beneficial for your classroom.”


It is not clear from this site whether the information rises to the level of Islam-biased indoctrination or simply informational background about the Islamic world. It would certainly be appropriate for the Senate Committee to delve into these matters with Ms. DeVos.







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Survey: 88% of Teachers Say US History Low Priority



By Bill Korach


University of North Carolina Professor Bruch van Sledright found in a survey that 88% of elementary school teachers believe that US History or for that matter any history is a low priority. School principals seem to have a low regard for teaching history. 63 percent of the elementary school principals noted that history education’s importance paled in comparison to subjects such as reading and mathematics.


According to the US Department of Education’s NAEP, only 11% of high school seniors are proficient in American History. So American students do not understand about our history of freedom, American Exceptionalism nor American government. It’s hard to see how young Americans can become good citizens would understanding America’s history of liberty and the working of our form of government.


One problem may lie with teacher’s colleges. The modern theory is that teachers need only learn teaching technique or pedagogy. They are not required to actually become subject matter experts or even learn subject matter. Therefore, students are actually graduating with less and less knowledge.


A well rounded man was once the hallmark of excellent education, but not in today’s world. If America is to develop good citizens, students need knowledge and expertise.


Van Sledright has written an excellent book: In Search of America’s Past: Learning to Read History in Elementary School. Parents would be wise to order this book. If schools won’t teach history, then parents can educate their kids at home.

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America’s Educational Standards are Not Good Enough



By Mark Tucker


(Editor: Mark Tucker lays out clearly what kind of standards need to be in place for America’s K-12 students to succeed. According to ACT, 81% of Florida seniors to take the ACT are NOT college ready. Standards must be raised)!


The most responsible policy would be to raise dramatically the standards we set for most students, to the third definition of ‘college ready’ described above.


So what does ‘college ready’ mean in the situation I have described?  I’ll posit four different definitions: 1) the current functional standard for the high school diploma, which varies from a minimum of maintaining a sufficient attendance record for 12 years of schooling to the most widespread standard in the United States: the ability to reach an 8th grade level of literacy; 2) the ability to succeed in a typical first year community college or state college program, which would require the ability to read at the 12th grade level and to do mathematics at the middle school level (no state now demands this much to get a high school diploma);


3) the ability to function at a level that would give the student a reasonable chance of engaging in a career that would enable him or her to attain a middle class standard of living in an age of increasing automation (writes well; has a sound understanding of basic concepts in science and can apply them to complex problems, has a good command of the fundamentals of algebra, probability and statistics and understands why liberty, freedom and democracy are so important and what it takes to maintain and nourish them–I must point out that it is unclear whether most college graduates meet this standard) and 4) ready to be a serious candidate for admission to a highly selective college.


Here’s my point: to the extent that states set graduation standards by specifying grades on standardized tests that students must take—some do, some don’t—the standards are typically set by a political process in which state officials in the best of circumstances decide how high the standard can be set without generating too much pushback from the parents of students who fail to get a diploma. Compounding the problem, some states with test-based graduation requirements have waived them for students who simply complete their regular course work or who take online ‘credit recovery’ courses set to vanishingly low standards. Once standards are lowered, of course, it is far harder to raise them than it was to lower them.


I believe, for the reasons just offered, that the effective standards for most American high school students have been lowered over the last 30 years at the very time that the actual academic requirements for access to a middle class way of life have been steadily rising and can be expected to rise further in the years ahead. At the same time, standards at the upper end of the distribution have risen dramatically, but only for a relatively small band of highly advantaged elite students who, by virtue of having met those standards, will be uniquely positioned to ride the next wave even as the majority of students struggle for the rest of their lives.


The most responsible policy would be to raise dramatically the standards we set for most students, to the third definition of ‘college ready’ described above.  Paradoxically, we can expect the greatest resistance to such a move to come from the parents of poorly educated students who are afraid that raising the standards will disadvantage their children.  This is a democracy—we cannot raise the standards without first persuading those parents that their children have more to fear from standards that are too low than from standards that are too high.  Therein lies the core challenge for education leaders in the years ahead.



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