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Brigitte Gabriel: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrating US K-12 Education



By Bill Korach. St. Augustine www.thereportcard.org


Last night, Brigit Gabriel, President of ACT for America spoke to a packed auditorium of 600 at Crescent Beach Baptist Church on the topic of the proposed Obama nuclear agreement with Iran, and Islamic efforts to infiltrate US school. Ms. Gabriel stated that the Saudis have channeled hundreds of millions of petro dollars to US universities across the nation for the purpose of putting a positive spin on Islam. She pointed out that Harvard has been endowed with $20 Million and named at least 20 other colleges including The University of Florida.


Ms. Gabriel also indicated that indoctrination of America’s K-12 schools include use of 35 textbooks that falsify history in order to portray Islam in a favorable light and as a religion of peace. One fascinating historical fact mentioned was that the Yellow Star of David Jews were forced to wear under Nazi occupation was in fact created by a Muslim Mullah in the Middle Ages Caliph al-Mutawakkil (847–61).


Ms. Gabriel indicated that a new teacher’s lesson plan has incorporated requiring student to take Islamic names and discuss issues important to Muslims such as the idea that Israel is an army of occupation, and oppression.


An example of that lesson was reported by the Wisconsin Independant about Oak Grove elementary school:


Union Grove High School history teacher Beth Urban sent out an e-mail to students describing a future assignment where the student is asked to put themselves in the shoes of a Muslim.

According to the e-mail obtained by popular radio show host Vicki McKenna, the students were to write a five paragraph essay pretending to be a Muslim.  The student is asked to write about the daily struggles that they would face as a Muslim student in the United States.  The e-mail goes on to remind the students that class has been watching documentaries that have the facts needed to write the essay.

The assignment begs to have a few questions answered.

First of all, what documentaries were watched and who produced them?  The Middle East is known for producing several “documentaries” that are full of propaganda and anti-American sentiment.  Is that truly the type of video that our students should be exposed to?  Were there other videos shown to balance the debate on the subject?

Is this assignment a conflict between separation of church and state?  There have been many documented cases of Christian students being denied the ability to pray in public school and today’s history books have been mostly stripped of Christian history.  Why is Christianity allowed to be shunned in our public schools while teachers are allowed to assign an assignment as religious based as this?

Most importantly, are the parents of Union Grove High School aware that this type of assignment is allowed in the school’s curriculum?  How about the local school board?

The role of a history class is to teach history and not to show sympathy for any religious group.  Hopefully the parents will remind the faculty of this so these type of assignments can be avoided in the future.

Ms. Gabriel stated that ACT had been a force behind Florida  SB 864 that allows school districts to choose their own materials and not be forced to use the state’s recommendation.

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Brigitte Gabriel to Speak in St. Augustine April 14



www.thereportcard.org Brigitte Gabriel, one of the foremost security experts on radical Islam in the world, will speak at Crescent Beach Baptist Church 885 SR 206 in St. Augustine 32086 on April 14, 2015 at 7:00 PM. There is no charge for seating, but be sure to arrive early to ensure a place as full attendance is expected.


Brigitte Gabriel is the Founder and President of Act for America, will present the latest information, about the rise of ISIS, Islamic indoctrination here in American and particularly in our colleges and K-12 public schools. Ms. Gabriel lectures nationally and internationally about national security and current affairs. Her expertise is sought after by world and business leaders. Ms. Gabriel has addressed the United Nations, the Australian Prime Minister, members of the British Parliament/House of Commons, members of the United States Congress, the Pentagon, the Joint Forces Staff College, the U.S. Special Operations Command, the U.S. Asymmetric Warfare group, the FBI, and many others. In addition, Ms. Gabriel is a regular guest analyst on Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, and various radio stations daily across America. She serves on the board of advisers of the Intelligence Summit.

Ms. Gabriel is the author of two New York Times Best Sellers, BECAUSE THEY HATE and THEY MUST BE STOPPED. Ms. Gabriel is named one of the top 50 most prominent speakers in America. She speaks Arabic, French, English and Hebrew.


The event is sponsored by Act for America Jacksonville Chapter. We thank the leadership of Crescent Beach Baptist Church for hosting Ms. Gabriel.

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CAIR is a Terrorist Organization That Should Never be Allowed in American Schools



John Guandolo

John Guandolo

(Editor: www.thereportcard.org The Counsel on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is the public relations face of Hamas, a known terrorist organization. CAIR representatives like Hassan Shibly have been active in speaking in American schools on Islam. But their real agenda is indoctrination and the substitution of Sharia law for the Constitution. Author John Guandolo is a former FBI agent and a former Marine officer).


By John Guandolo


CAIR was incorporated in 1994 by Nihad Awad, Omar Ahmad, and Rafeeq Jaber. All three of these men were leaders of the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP), a now-defunct Hamas organization in the U.S. Musa Abu Marzook, the Deputy Political Chief for Hamas and the Leader of Hamas in the United States (Chairman of the U.S. Palestine Committee), was a member of the IAP Board of Directors. FYI, Hamas is a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the U.S. government.


In 1993 and 1994, Omar Ahmad served as the National President for IAP, and from 1994-2005 was the Chairman of the Board for CAIR. Omar Ahmad was also on the Executive Committee of the U.S. Palestine Committee (Hamas). Rafeeq Jaber served as the National President of IAP from 1996-98 and 1999-2005.


U.S. government prosecutors and the Department of Justice identify CAIR as a member of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee, which is Hamas in the United States.


In 1993, the leaders of the U.S. Palestine Committee (Hamas) met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The meeting was covered by the FBI via physical surveillance, microphones in meeting rooms, and wiretaps on phones. An “Action Memo” from FBI’s Assistant Director for Counterterrorism Dale Watson declared this was a “Meeting among senior leaders of Hamas, the HLFRD, and the IAP.” FBI analysis of the Philadelphia meeting, which was entered into evidence at the US v Holy Land Foundation (hereafter “HLF”) trial reveals “All attendees of this meeting are Hamas members.” Nihad Awad and Omar Ahmad were present at this meeting.


Recorded conversations of this meeting captured Awad and Ahmad discussing the creation of a new public relations organization for Hamas which investigators testified was CAIR, created in summer of 1994, less than a year after the Philadelphia meeting.


The HLF Indictment (2004) states: “The purpose of this (1993 Philadelphia) meeting was to determine their course of action in support of Hamas’ opposition to the peace plan and to decide how to conceal their activities from the scrutiny of the United States government.”


In a 2004 FBI raid at the Annandale, Virginia residence of Ismail Elbarasse, a senior Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood (MB) operative, the archives of the U.S. MB were discovered. One of the documents found lists the leaders of the U.S. Palestine Committee (Hamas) – the names of CAIR founders Nihad Awad and Omar Ahmad (alias Omar Yeheya) are on that list.


Because of the overwhelming evidence that CAIR is a Hamas entity, U.S. prosecutors list CAIR as a member of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee (Hamas) and as an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF trial – the largest Hamas and terrorism financing trial ever successfully prosecuted in U.S. history.


In the government filing requesting a denial of CAIR’s motion to have its name removed from the Unindicted Co-Conspirator list in the HLF case, U.S. prosecutors state, “The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood created the U.S. Palestine Committee, which documents reflect was initially comprised of three organizations: the OLF (HLF), the IAP, and the UASR. CAIR was later added to these organizations…the mandate of these organizations, per the International Muslim Brotherhood, was to support Hamas.”


In his ruling, the federal Judge in this case, Jorge Solis, stated: “The Government has produced ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR, ISNA, and NAIT with the HLF, the Islamic Association of Palestine (“IAP”), and with Hamas.”


The question of why the President of ISNA sits on the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Committee, works directly with the Secretary of State, briefs National Security staffs, moderates panel discussions at CIA Headquarters, and has been given awards by the FBI will have to be addressed at a later date.


Is anyone else wondering how CAIR and its leaders are allowed to operate freely and unimpeded in America, with their headquarters only a block from the U.S. Capitol?


More evidence…


In the December 2007 government filing in the US v Sabri Benkhala appeal, the government stated: “From its founding by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists.” So, CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood organization which supports terrorists. It would appear federal law is being violated here.


This would explain why CAIR has a long record of defending jihadis and jihadi organizations, while publicly condemning the counterterrorism efforts of the U.S. government and local law enforcement. Noteworthy is CAIR’s vigorous defense of Hamas leader Musa Abu Marzook after his arrest, and their criticism of our government for its investigation and indictment of the Holy Land Foundation – another Hamas entity.


What do senior government officials who have seen the evidence have to say about CAIR?


Former FBI Assistant Director Steve Pomeranz stated: “By masquerading as a mainstream public affairs organization, CAIR has taken the lead in trying to mislead the public about the terrorist underpinnings of militant Islamic movements, in particular, Hamas.”


In a 2003 Senate Sub-Committee hearing on radical Islam, Senator Charles Schumer stated, “To make matters worse, the prominent members of the Council’s (CAIR’s) current leadership who you Mr. Chairman invited to the hearings today – they declined to testify – also have intimate connections with Hamas.”


In June 2009, on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, Congressman Frank Wolf (VA) gave a lengthy speech in which he laid out a great deal of the evidence against CAIR and its ties to Hamas. The transcript of this speech can be found at http://wolf.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/wolf-gives-major-floor-speech-on-fbis-cooperation-with-cair


In a letter dated April 28, 2009 from the FBI’s Assistant Director, Office of Congressional Affairs, to U.S. Senator John Kyl (AZ), the FBI leader details why the FBI cut off all formal ties to CAIR and identifies it as an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF trial because of its relationship with Hamas.


In a letter dated February 12, 2010 to U.S. Congresswoman Sue Myrick (NC) from Assistant U.S. Attorney General Ronald Weich, Mr. Weich wrote “Enclosed (is)…evidence that was introduced in that trial (US v HLF) which demonstrated the relationship among CAIR, individual CAIR founders, and the Palestine Committee. Evidence was also introduced that demonstrated a relationship between the Palestine Committee and Hamas.”


For those of you who forgot Junior High School math, please allow me to review: If A=B and B=C, then A=C. There is a relationship between CAIR and the U.S. Palestine Committee. There is a relationship between the U.S. Palestine Committee and Hamas. Therefore, there is a relationship between CAIR and Hamas. As was previously stated, on the order from the International Muslim Brotherhood, the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood created the U.S. Palestine Committee to raise “media, money, men and all that” for Hamas. The U.S. Palestine Committee created four organizations to support Hamas with propaganda, money, and recruits: The Occupied Land Fund (which became the HLF), the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP), the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), and CAIR.


In the sporting world we call this a slam dunk. But what about the money CAIR receives. Certainly if they are attacking Dr. Jasser and his organization for improprieties in his sources of funding, CAIR must be squeaky clean, yes?


No, actually.


Actually, the Hamas front called the Holy Land Foundation provided CAIR with $5,000 of seed money shortly after CAIR was founded, and, in return, CAIR raised money for HLF. Is there another violation of U.S. law here?


CAIR has also received funds from overseas organizations like WAMY (World Association of Muslim Youth) and IIRO (International Islamic Relief Organization). Both WAMY and IIRO are Saudi-funded groups whose U.S. offices were raided by the government because of their possible ties to Hamas and Al Qaeda.


Most notably, In 1999, CAIR received $250,000 from a Saudi-based bank headed by the former Director of the Muslim World League (MWL). Osama bin Laden identified MWL as a primary source of funds for Al Qaeda. Federal investigators raided MWL’s U.S. offices. It is not a far reach to see that CAIR received money from a source the leader of Al Qaeda recognized was a “primary” source of funding for AQ.


It should be noted the information in this article is a small amount of the massive evidence revealing the Council on American Islamic Relations is a Hamas entity whose role in the greater Islamic Movement here is to “support terrorists” as the U.S. Department of Justice has stated. They do this in a variety of ways. As a matter of fact, CAIR’s website acknowledges that all money donated to it via zakat goes to jihad fisabillillah – the seventh category under Islamic Law – but maybe we should save that discussion for another article.


As CAIR launches its attacks against honorable Americans like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser who are standing firm on the truth about a real and present threat to the American people and our nation, another question must be asked…


Where are the U.S. agencies charged with protecting and defending Americans like Dr. Jasser, and why are they not shutting CAIR down, arresting its leaders, and seizing all of its assets? Maybe they haven’t seen the facts.



John Guandolo is the founder of UnderstandingtheThreat.com and the author of the book Raising a Jihadi Generation, detailing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Movement in the United States. He works closely with ACT! for America and helped with the creation of ACT’s Thin Blue Line Project which educates law enforcement, military, and intelligence professionals about the threat from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Movement, and gives them investigative tools and strategies for addressing this threat. Mr. Guandolo is a 1989 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, a former active duty combat Marine Infantry and Reconnaissance Officer, and a former Special Agent with the FBI. For more information, please go to www.UnderstandingtheThreat.com



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Pearson’s Libyan Ownership and Islam-Biased Textbooks






By Bill Korach www.thereportcard.org


According to the “Financial Times” a publication owned by Pearson,The Sovereign fund of Libya initially took a 3.27 per cent stake in Pearson. 3.27% is a significant stake in what is the largest educational publishing company in the world. Pearson is a $9 Billion giant that dominates textbooks, testing, teacher evaluation, IT platforms for schools, and may have the largest investment in lobbying of any publishing company operating in the United States. Pearson is also a major supplier to states who have adopted the Common Core Standard.  So why does it matter that Libya may have had or still has a stake in Pearson?


According to a February 2012 study by Citizens for National Security about Muslim Biased textbooks in Florida, four are published by Pearson. Act for America conducted a 2011 study of Muslim-biased textbooks in America and concluded that Pearson published 13 titles where significant Muslim Bias was uncovered. At the time of the stake, Qaddafi was leader in Libya, and promoted his radical brand of Islam. The Arab world, and the Muslim Brotherhood have shown great interest in using education in the United States to indoctrinate American students about Islam. This publication reviewed Pearson’s 2013 World History, a high school level textbook, as an example of strident Islamic Bias. According to Stanley Kurtz in the National Review the Saudis have made strong gains in penetrating American schools:

 How did they (the Saudis) do it? Very carefully…and very cleverly. It turns out that the system of federal subsidies to university programs of Middle East Studies (under Title VI of the Higher Education Act) has been serving as a kind of Trojan horse for Saudi influence over American K-12 education. Federally subsidized Middle East Studies centers are required to pursue public outreach. That entails designing lesson plans and seminars on the Middle East for America’s K-12 teachers. These university-distributed teaching aids slip into the K-12 curriculum without being subject to the normal public vetting processes. Meanwhile, the federal government, which both subsidizes and lends its stamp of approval to these special K-12 course materials on the Middle East, has effectively abandoned oversight of the program that purveys them (Title VI).

Enter the Saudis. By lavishly funding several organizations that design Saudi-friendly English-language K-12 curricula, all that remains is to convince the “outreach coordinators” at prestigious, federally subsidized universities to purvey these materials to America’s teachers. And wouldn’t you know it, outreach coordinators or teacher-trainers at a number of university Middle East Studies centers have themselves been trained by the very same Saudi-funded foundations that design K-12 course materials. These Saudi-friendly folks happily build their outreach efforts around Saudi-financed K-12 curricula.

So let’s review. The United States government gives money — and a federal seal of approval — to a university Middle East Studies center. That center offers a government-approved K-12 Middle East studies curriculum to America’s teachers. But in fact, that curriculum has been bought and paid for by the Saudis, who may even have trained the personnel who operate the university’s outreach program. Meanwhile, the American government is asleep at the wheel.”


Muslim Brotherhood documents seized by the FBI and presented at the Holy Land Foundation Trial in Texas revealed a plan by Muslim Brotherhood and their subsidiary organizations like CAIR to penetrate and indoctrinate American K-12 students.

Would it not follow that a large Libyan stake in Pearson  would tend to influence how textbooks are written? Key Pearson textbook consultants on Islam, Susan Douglass and Shabbir Mansuri have both been connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and voiced strong support of Islamic Madrassah, Islamic schools where hate for Jews and Christians is a daily lesson. The Pearson Libyan connection and others who may own Pearson bear deeper scrutiny.



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Tainted Textbook: 4 Paragraphs on Christianity 38 Pages on Islam


Shabbir Mansure Council for Islamic Education


By Bill Korach. www.thereportcard.org


“World History,” Florida Edition Prentice Hall Pearson, 2013 is a 1054 page monster used for honors and standard high school level world history. As you would expect, it is chock full of dates and pretty pictures, but it also contains brazen pro-Islam bias. It covers history from early civilizations to modern times. The 2013 edition has removed some of  the aggressive anti-Semitic anti-Christian misinformation present in the 2007 edition because of public concern driven by reports from Citizens for National Security www.cfns.us  and Act for America, but the 2013 edition commits great sins of omission in favor of Islam. Pearson retained Shabbir Mansuri, and Susan Douglass to review and consult on the material. Both of these individuals are associated with the Council for Islamic Education, a front for the Muslim Brotherhood in America. According to Steve Emerson’s www.discoverthenetworks.com site the CIE is the:

  • Leading contributor and consultant to publishers of textbooks that include Islamic-related content
  • Promotes sanitized, inaccurate information about Islam in K-12 education
  • Has associations with the Islamic Saudi Academy, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and the Islamic Circle of North America, front groups for the anti-Christian, anti American, and anti Israel Muslim Brotherhood

In the past Mansuri has also threatened scholars and public officials who do not sympathize with CIE requests, saying that they will be perceived as racists, reactionaries, and enemies of Islam as reported by journalist Jen Schroder.

Shabbir Mansuri, also founded soundvision.com, whose website www.soundvision.com gives several examples on how to incrementally introduce Islam and adherence to Sharia in America’s education system.

Soundvision.com’s site currently features two prominent Muslim Brotherhood operatives, Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on Islamic American relations (CAIR) interviewed by soundvision’s own show (www.radioislam.com), as well as an article featured on their site by Jamal Badawi, on how to interact with non-Muslims.


Susan L. Douglass, an American convert to Islam and the principle researcher and writer for the CIE for many years is a key player in Islamic outreach in American education.

Susan Douglas, has taught social studies at the controversial Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA), an academy which has been cited for using textbooks that condemn Jews and Christians as infidels and enemies of Islam. She has publicly praised Pakistan’s schools that are known to fuel the Taliban and al-Qaida as “proud symbols of learning” among other accolades.

Douglass and Mansuri have minimized the enormous contributions Judaism and Christianity. The section entitled “The Roots of Judaism” is only three paragraphs in length. The introduction of Christianity entitled “The Rise of Christianity” is four paragraphs in length.

On the other hand, the section entitled “The Rise of Islam” is 32 PAGES with many of those pages devoted to rhapsodic praise of Islam. For example, Mansuri described the prophet Muhammed’s early days saying: “Muhammad became known for his honesty in business and was a devoted husband and father.” In fact, Muhammad lead a roving band of thieves to rob caravans and murder their owners to further his ends. Neither is there any mention of Muhammad’s massacre of the Jews of Medina in 627. Both are discussed by Montgomery Watt, in his book. Muhammad: prophet and statesman. Oxford University Press, 1974.

The 32 page section goes on to discuss the Five Pillars of Islam and the Koran. However in the introductions to Judaism and Christianity contain no mention of the Torah or the Bible. Later, the Bible merits a sentence when Martin Luther is discussed. On page 120, the authors state: “Muslims, Christians and Jews worship the same God.” However, many distinguished Jewish and Christian theologians would disagree with this statement. The authors, as if to contradict their own remarks, say that Muslims believe that like Abraham, Moses and Jesus, Muhammad is a prophet. But they say that Muhammad is greater than Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

“World History” contains many other flaws and misstatement, but the comparison between Islam, Judaism and Christianity is the most egregious. “World History” is not suitable for the classroom. You may download a free study “Islam-Biased Content in Florida’s K-12 Textbooks ” at www.cfns.us




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Brigitte Gabriel to Speak in St. Augustine About Islamic Jihad Against Florida Schools

Brigitte Gabriel

by Bill Korach www.thereportcard.org

Brigitte Gabriel, President of ACT for America, will speak in St. Augustine on September 10 about the threat of radical Islam in America and against America’s schools. In Florida, a study by Citizens for National Security show that there are 25 textbooks in the State of Florida containing pro-Islam, anti-Christian, anti-Israel bias. The Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is speaking in schools in Tampa and other Florida locations. CAIR is the American face of HAMAS, a recognized terrorist organization. Admiral James Lyons, retired Commander the of United States Pacific Fleet, Lt. General William Boykin, retired, Department of Defense Director of Intelligence and James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence , have also specifically warned against the threat of Islamic subversion and penetration of organizations like CAIR. Ms. Gabriel has experienced Radical Islamic Jihad first hand in her native Lebanon, and she provides clear proof that it is happening here.

Crescent Beach Baptist Church
885 State Road 206 E
St. Augustine, FL 32086
Monday, September 10th at 7 PM. 

The events over the past eighteen months have been a sobering wake-up call to America. Without question, the threats radical Islam poses to America have increased.

Brigitte will discuss these threats to our security and our freedoms, such as…


  • The growing threat of homegrown jihad, with the number of such jihadist plots skyrocketing over the past two years.
  • How terrorists are exploiting our porous southern border, often working with drug cartels.
  • The increasingly militant—and successful—effort by Islamists worldwide to suppress free speech and criminalize any criticism of Islam.
  • The growing Muslim Brotherhood threat and how Islamic sharia law is creeping into America.
  • How the history and doctrines of Islam are being misrepresented in public school textbooks and classrooms.

The attached link allows Report Card readers to preview a segment of Ms. Gabriel.


But even more important than this, Brigitte will spell out the strategies and tactics ACT! for America is employing to effectively fight back against these threats.

You will hear first-hand how ACT! for America is successfully rolling back the tide of radical Islam…how we are winning legislative victories…how we don’t have to live in fear or resign ourselves to the inevitability of the threats arrayed against us…and how we will prevail.

Admiral William Lyons, retired Commander of America’s Pacific Fleet, wrote this expert that appeared in the  Washington Times last month about  the threat of radical Islam in America:

“Concerns raised by Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and four of her     colleagues on the proper vetting of Huma Abedin, the deputy chief of staff     to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, provoke larger questions about     Muslim Brotherhood penetration and influence in our government agencies,     particularly the Department of Defense (DOD). Recently, we witnessed     Pentagon Islamic adviser Louay Safi’s reappearance as the political head of     the Syrian National Council, a Muslim Brotherhood-dominated group. Among his     many other activities, he is also the director of leadership development for     the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which is the largest Muslim     Brotherhood group in the United States.

The president of ISNA, Imam Mohamed Magid serves as a member of the     Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Countering Violent Extremism Working     Group. He is a close adviser to the National Security Council as well as to     President Obama. He continues to have access to not only the State and     Treasury departments but has been used frequently by DOD to formulate     responses to incidents that Islamists consider offensive. How comforting.     Let’s not forget that the ISNA is an unindicated co-conspirator in the Holy     Land Foundation trial in 2008 for providing funding to the terrorist group     Hamas.

An open question is what role Imam Magid played in influencing DHS to     cancel a conference on homegrown radical extremism at CIA headquarters in     August 2011. We know that the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR)   demanded that the training conference featuring a presentation by Stephen     Coughlin, among others, be canceled. It should be recalled that CAIR is     also an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial. CAIR     was also successful in getting West Point’s chaplain to cancel a prayer     breakfast in early February by Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin, a West Point     graduate and former deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence,     because of his views on Islam. So much for the First Amendment.

Mr. Safi has cast a wide net in DOD. He was also responsible for     teaching Islam to U.S. Army military personnel at various bases, including     Fort Hood, so that they would be more sensitive to Islamic customs and     traditions. This sensitivity training is all done under the guise of our     counter-insurgency (COIN) strategy to win the hearts and minds of Muslims     first in Iraq and now in Afghanistan.

On Oct. 19, 2011, a letter signed by an array of Muslim groups,     including CAIR and ISNA, both Muslim Brotherhood organizations, was sent to     Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan complaining about the     government’s use of biased, false and highly offensive training materials     about Muslims and Islam. Much of the material utilized by U.S. trainers that     the groups complained about was extracted from the Koran and Shariah     law.




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Tampa Families & Dad who Lost Son To Radical Islam Speaks Against CAIR in Hillsborough Schools

August 1, 2012

Hillsborough County School Board

Tampa, FL

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Melvin Bledsoe Father of Jihad Killer

By Bill Korach


Community Leaders, parents, and special guest Melvin Bledsoe spoke out against The Council on Islamic American Relations, a terrorist-linked front group lecturing students in Tampa Schools. Mr. Bledsoe, the father of a radicalized student serving life imprisonment for the cold-blooded murder of Army Private William Long, warned of the danger of radical Islamists like CAIR/Hamas in American schools:

 “They befriend you, get to know you, learn your weaknesses and fears, then they recruit you. My son was recruited by a Mosque near his school, and was sent to Yemen for terrorist training. I do not want to have what happened to our family and the Long family every happen again.”

Terry Kemple, Hillsborough County School Board candidate and event organizer is clearly frustrated by the Board’s unwillingness to act and bar CAIR’s Hasan Shibly from the classroom:

“We have been to 14 school board meetings over the past 12 months, and the Board has yet to adopt a policy to keep CAIR, a terrorist linked front group from out schools. The Board says that our kids are mature enough to decide things for themselves, but Mr. Bledsoe’s experience says otherwise.”

Mr. Kemple was joined by leaders of other organizations who spoke at the School Board meeting: Dr. Richard Sweir, Community Business Leader and host of the Dr. Rich radio show, Usama Dakdok, a Coptic Christian from Egypt, and head of The Straight Way Ministry; Nick Martin, Citizens for National Security, Randall McDaniels, of Act for America.

Mr. Kemple vowed: “We will not rest until CAIR and terrorist linked groups like them are barred spreading their poisonous message in our schools.”




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Brigitte Gabriel Part 1: Muslim Terrorists Destroyed Lebanon, Now They’re Targeting US Schools””

by Bill Korach.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

In this exclusive three part video taped at the First Conservative Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America speaks about the influence of Islamic Jihadist organizations in America. You will learn three critical, must-know things about Islamic Jihad in America:

1. Sharia Law as a replacement for Constitutional Law is the brainchild of the Muslim Brotherhood, the oldest islamic terrorist organaiztion in the world. She says they destroyed the land of her birth, Lebanon and its Christian community. She says that on 9/11, should could still remember the oder of gunpowder in Lebanon. Gabriel saw that the Islamic Jihadist were here in America.

2. The Muslim Brotherhood has spawned subgroups in America for the purpose of undermining and subverting our schools funded by Saudi Oil money. She says useful idiots like the ACLU, provide legal cover for these Islamic terrorist subgroup’s activities, and permit sloppy educational standards. Gabriel says: “We pump gas into our cars, and they pump poison into the veins of our school children.” She cites the 2007 Holy Land Foundation Trial in Texas as proof of the terrorist nature of Cultural Islamic Jihad.

3. Jihad is falsely explained by CAIR and Council for Islamic Education as “a struggle for justice and against oppression.” CIE has contributed false or misleading material to 25 textbooks in Florida and 35 nationwide. She calls upon our elected officials and the public, to “get some backbone and stand against Islamic Jihad in America.”


Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America

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Brigitte Gabriel Part 2 “We Pump Gas…they Pump Poison Into Our Kids”

by Bill Korach

Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

In this exclusive video Part 2 , Brigitte Gabrielle tells how the Muslim Brotherhood, the oldest Islamic terror organization in the world, has spawned subgroups in America for the purpose of Islamic propaganda. She cites the Holy Land Foundation Trial, the largest terror trial in America, as proof of the subversive intentions of the Muslim Brotherhood and their sub groups in the U.S. The purpose of these Islamic groups like CAIR and Council on Islamic Education (CIE) is to create cultural Jihad against American schools through textbooks. Gabriel says that the Saudis have given Harvard University $22 Million to teach Islam, and millions more have been given to universities across America. She states that there are more chapters of the Islamic Student Association on college campuses than the Democrat and Republican clubs combined. CAIR and CIE are using America freedom and generosity against us to create a false image of Islam and subtle attacks against America’s Judeo Christian Heritage. Gabriel says that oil money in Saudi Arabia drives cultural Jihad. “We pump gas on our cars, and they pump poison into the veins of our school children.”


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Brigitte Gabriel Islamic Jihad in US Schools: Part 3

Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America

by Bill Korach.

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In this exclusive video, Brigitte Gabriel tells about how the Jihadist Islamic Council on Education subverts America’s class rooms. They falsely  call Jihad a “struggle against injustice and oppression.” Gabriel says we must develop “some backbone” and educational standards so we can stand up to the corruption of America’s schools.


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