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Florida-Wide Common Core Protest February 18 in Orlando





Stacie Clarke, Co-Founder and Central Florida State coordinator is calling for a mass protest against Common Core. She is asking all those who oppose a Federal takeover of education to let the State Board of Education know how you feel about Common Core.

The protest will take place as follows:


February 18, 2014  – 

8:00 AM  Press Conference

FPACC will be holding press conference at 8:00am on Tuesday, February 18th. We are putting together the press release as we speak. Laura Caruso will be speaking for FL parents against CC.

9:00 AM   State Board of Education Meeting

Ronald Blocker Educational Leadership Center

445 W. Amelia St. (1st Floor)

Orlando, FL  32801 



Message from Stacie Clarke:

Hello Everyone,

We are still in the fight against Common Core – it is coming down to the wire.

We only have a few weeks to make a difference and convince legislators that their reelections depend on passing a Pause Bill to stop Common Core for about 2 years and do the research.

Unfortunately Florida is having a much harder time than other states because this is ground zero for Jeb Bush.  He supports it because the big money supporters of CC are giving money to his non-profit.

We need to make enough noise that the legislators realize it is better for them to have us happy than Jeb Bush.

This meeting is coming up in about 2 weeks – it is on a Tuesday morning.

I know many work schedules conflict with this. But, this is a great reason to take a day off!

But if we don’t start making this a priority and fast, it will be too late and Common Core will be entrenched just like Obamacare.

We are asking everyone to attend the meeting and if you have enough people in your group, have some stationed outside for the media with signs.  Please don’t bring nasty or mean signs – keep them informational and brief like  “Common Core is dumbing down our students”, “Common Core cost is ridiculous”, “Common Core violates our children’s privacy”, “Stop Fed Ed”, “Stop Indoctrination”, “Local Control, not Federal”, “Entirely untested”, “Kids are Guinea Pigs”, “Follow the Money”, “Lack of Parental Input”, “Excessive Testing”, “Teaching for the Test”, “Lack of Quality”, “Cost to Taxpayers?”, “Early American History Not Taught”

We would like a large contingent both inside and outside.  Please contact every group you know in Florida and ask them to attend since this is a statewide meeting.  If you have media contacts, please let them know about this meeting.


Contact: Stacie Clarke

Co-Founder and Central FL State Coordinator

Florida Parents Against Common Core


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Quickie Quiz or Indoctrination?

Laura Zorc Florida Parents Against Common Core

Laura Zorc Florida Parents Against Common Core

By Bill Korach www.thereportcard.org

Debbie Higgenbotham, a coordinator for Florida Parents against Common Core sent The Report Card a quiz given at the Storm Grove Elementary School in Indian River County. The quiz looks more like left liberal talking points than a test of knowledge. Take the quiz yourself and you decide.

The What Kind of Party Animal Are You? quiz states: “Take this quiz to get a sense of which party, the Republican or the Democrat, is the better fit for you. Remember, you do not have to pick a party – you may remain Independent. You may also change your party.”

Question #1: “I would support a government increase of my taxes if the money were used to pay for expanded health and social programs.”

Question #2: “I think the government should impose stricter limits on access to guns.”

Question #3: “I believe organized prayer should be kept out of schools. Having students pray is a violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

Question #4: “I would support drilling for oil in a wildlife refuge to help reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil.”

Question #5: “I believe that looking out for U.S. interests abroad must come first, even if that means the U.S. takes action without the approval of the United Nations or our allies.”

Question #6: “I believe if you have nothing to hide, theres no reason to worry about government surveillance. It would not bother me if my government listened in on my personal phone calls as long as the surveillance was helping to catch terrorists.”

Question #7: “I believe the government should relax regulations on immigration and find a way for law-abiding illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. legally and pay taxes.”

Question 1 is clearly a plug for Obamacare; question 2 is an attack on the Second Amendment; and question 3 is an assault on the First Amendment. Question 7 is a plug for amnesty and so forth. Of even more concern is that the quiz appears to be aligned to The Common Core Standard.

NOTE: The answer choices for each question are – Agree, Not Sure, Disagree.

“I was contacted tonight by a group of parents wanting answers. This quiz (survey) below was given to Ms. [Megan] Kendrick’s 7th grade Pre-AP Civics class last week at Storm Grove Middle School in Indian River County,” writes Laura Zorc, SE FL State Coordinator for Florida Parents Against Common Core (FPACC).

According to Jennifer Idlette-Williams, Principal of Storm Grove Middle School, “The survey What Kind of Party Animal Are You? came from the Junior Scholastic Magazine, which is a state approved resource for Florida’s mandatory Civics state curriculum. All three of the Civics teachers at Storm Grove use the survey, and other Indian River middle schools have used it. No grades were attached to the survey and no names were linked to the survey. There was no parental opt out for taking the survey as it is part of the state approved curricula.” Principal Idette-Williams noted, “Students could create their own political party animal. One student created a frog, which can live in the water or on land. This student would be comfortable with both parties.”


According to Zorc, “The students were told that they could not take this Quiz/Survey home, they had to complete [it] at school. One student felt that they must consult with “his or her” parent and did not feel comfortable filling it out. In other words the student had to “smuggle it out” as described to me. (NOTE: Child is afraid of getting in trouble and we will can not disclose identity of child)”

Zorc states, “After you read this quiz/survey, as a parent you will be appalled by material being taught. Parents are outraged at the way the questions are presented.” The teacher’s weekly agenda indicates that this assignment is Common Core State Standards aligned.

“Parents want an explanation to why a “civics” (a study of the theoretical practical aspects of citizenship, its rights and duties…) curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards is being taught? The FL DOE had been emphatic that CCSS is only going to be taught in English Language Arts and Math only. Secondly, parents want to know “who” approved this curriculum material being taught?” asks Zorc.

Parents, concerned citizens and members of FPACC plan to attend the September 24th Indian River County School Board meeting to ask that this material be removed from the public school district curriculum.


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