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Republican Party of Hillsborough FL Endorses Kempel for School Board


 By Bill Korach www.thereportcard.org

This week the membership of the Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee voted overwhelmingly to endorse Terry Kemple for Hillsborough County School Board, District 4!


Mr. Kemple says these are his key qualifications:


“I’m an advocate for School Choice. I want to ensure that parents would have the right to enroll their children in the educational environment that provides them the best opportunity to learn.

Protected Parents’ RightsAs Executive Director of Christian Coalition of Florida when Jeb Bush was Governor, I helped him pass legislation that expanded charter, magnet, virtual, and home schooling. Over the years since then, my record of protecting parents’ right to School Choice has been consistent.

Community Issues Council, the local Christian ministry I lead has been in the forefront of the battle to  STOP COMMON CORE from destroying our education system!

I’ve pressed our school board  to allow parents the opportunity to opt their children out of classes when speakers from controversial organizations like CAIR are going to be invited to speak in the class. Two years ago Mr. Kemple organized public protests to keep Hassan Shibly, a spokesman for The Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) out of Hillsborough schools. CAIR is known to be the public face in America of Hamas. Hamas is recognized by The United States Department of State as a terrorist organization.

Mr. Kemple also want parents to be able to opt out of clubs whose purpose is to promote homosexual behavior.

Supporters can contribute here.



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Dirty Campaign Tricks: Kemple’s Foes Post Fake Website, He calls Upon School Board to Denounce

By Bill Korach.

Identity theft has reached a new level of evil. Yesterday, I posted my interview with Terry Kemple, candidate for Hillsborough County Florida School Board running on a conservative curriculum reform platform. During the interview I opened what I thought was his website, but after I read a few lines, it became clear that the stories were not about the real Terry Kemple. Some group posted the fake website and packed it with lies and obscenities about Terry Kemple because they did not want him elected. There is something particularly chilling and un-American about stealing an honorable candidate’s identity to defeat that candidate. Even worse, the phony website libels Mr. Kemple’s family. The American way is to debate over ideas in public. As of this report the identity culprit who built the fake website has not be

Terry Kemple Fights Election Fraud

en confirmed.

Mr. Kemple has files complaint with Florida Election Commission, and is investigating the source of the falsified website.

“In politics it’s hard to find anything that is ‘beyond the pale’,” said Parents’ Advocate Terry Kemple, as he prepared to file a complaint with the Florida Election Commission against the website masquerading to be him. “People say ugly things, some of them distortions of the truth or outright lies and we’ve come to expect it.” He went on to say,

“This is by far the lowest, most despicable thing I’ve ever seen. This lowlife is actually pretending to be me in order to discredit me! I am calling on my opponent and the entire Hillsborough School Board to denounce this attempt to smear my reputation.Not only does the website border on identity theft, it violates Election Laws because it doesn’t have the ‘Paid political advertisement …’ disclaimer required for any type of advertising that solicits votes.”


Mr. Kemple went on to say:

“By putting up a website that solicits votes but doesn’t contain the proper disclaimers, the person responsible for it is subject to penalties for a first degree misdemeanor if someone files a complaint. By putting it up and making it appear on the surface that it’s my website the lowlife has put me in jeopardy of having to defend myself in court because the site appears to be mine.”

Mr. Kemple’s campaign website is Vote4TerryKemple.com. It clearly lists his positions and the reasons he thinks we need change on the Hillsborough School Board.

The phony site is vote4kemple.com. Although anyone who knows Mr. Kemple would know the material on the site is bogus, it’s presented in such a way that someone who doesn’t know him might think it actually represents his views.

The site also contains vulgar, libelous statements about Kemple and his family.

Mr. Kemple has said that in addition to filing the complaint with the FEC he is also considering filing a libel suit against the site owner.


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Interview with Terry Kemple: Candidate for Hillsborough County School Board

Terry Kemple Tampa School Board Candidate

By Bill Korach.

Terry Kemple is running for the District 6 School Board seat of Hillsborough County, Florida in which Tampa is located. Mr. Kemple is perhaps best known as President of Community Issues Council, a faith-based group that has organized parent protests against The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) an Islamic terrorist organization from speaking in Hillsborough public schools. Mr. Kemple and his significant base of Tampa parents believe that CAIR has no place in Tampa schools because they are linked to Hamas, recognized as a terrorist organization by the United States Department of State. In the past the Community Issues Council has protest the aggressive promotion of homosexuality in Tampa public schools.

I asked Mr. Kemple why he is running for the school board seat. He said:

 “I believe our students in Hillsborough County are being underserved. Although Hillsborough has an annual school budget of $3 Billion, Florida’s 8th largest district, over 30% of our students fail to graduate from high school. Many who do graduate and go on to college are unprepared for college level work. At least 30% of Hillsborough students who go on to community college require 1 or 2 years of remedial education in math and science. I have also spoken with many business owners who say that Hillsborough students are unprepared for the workplace environment. For example, students who enter fields requiring vocational skills are unable to read a yardstick and add feet and inches.”

So, is there a place for vocational schools?

 “College is not for everyone. Vocational schools teach skills that are and will remain in demand. Young people more than ever need jobs, and vocational schools could equip some of our students with the skills to find those jobs.’

Speaking of jobs, I asked Mr. Kemple if there is a connection between education and jobs in Hillsborough County.

“Businesses need a well educated workforce. Businesses located in Hillsborough County do not want to pay tax money for education and then pay again to train poorly educated employees. Businesses considering a move to Hillsborough County want to know that they can draw upon an educated workforce. Either way, educational excellence is linked to job growth.”

Why the Hillsborough Schools are underperforming?

 “There has been a focus away from the basic learning in math, science and English, and a move toward what I call ‘the socio-political agenda.’ This includes multiculturalism, that’s why CAIR is in the schools, an effort to promote homosexuality, global government through things like U.N. developed Agenda 21….you get the picture. So much time is dedicated to these things that there is much less time for core learning. Another factor driving poor performance is that discipline problems are swept under the rug. If students are held back for poor performance, or scores are low Federal Funds are withheld. Schools hate to give up the money, so unqualified kids get social promotion.”

What about parental rights?

 “I believe that this school board has often ignored parental rights, and unless there is a strong parent teacher relationship, learning will not take place. The Community Issues Council has attended over 13 School Board meetings with at least 100 families in attendance for each meeting protesting CAIR. The School Board continues to ignore the majority of parent concerns about allowing a member of a terrorist organization to speak in our schools.

Here’s another example: in order to give the Muslims a holiday, the School Board cancelled Good Friday as a holiday, and made it a school day. The first year they did this 62% of students stayed home. The second year 45% stayed home. Many of the bus drivers also stayed home, yet the School Board remains intransigent on this matter. I pointed out that the wasted day has cost the school district $16 Million, but the Board is considering a repetition of their mistake for the next year.”

I asked whether a larger budget is necessary to improve results.

 “Hillsborough has a $3 Billion budget that should be more that adequate. What is needed is budget transparency. I have been unable to obtain a detailed budget. The School Board seems to prefer to manage the budget “under the radar.’ Recently, Hillsborough received a Bill Gates grant, and the grant was presented to the pubic as a gift.  But the grant has strings attached that were kept from the public eye. It required $255 Million paid for by Hillsborough taxpayers. Dr. Stacy White on the School Board made a motion to require greater clarity on budget items over $1 Million, but the rest of the Board voted it down. I absolutely support improved budget transparency.”


A McKinsey study ranked American students in the bottom 33% of developed nations in math and science. I asked Mr. Kemple if he was aware of any thing new in math and science programs that have been proven effective.


“The Naval Aviation Museum right here in Florida has a wonderful STEM (science, math, technology) program and they are currently working with school districts in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. The program mimics Naval Aviation Missions and brings math and science problems to life. During the years that the program has operated, students have shown a 40% improvement in scores. These programs are now being offered more broadly and this is the kind of thing we need to investigate for Hillsborough Schools.”


I ask Mr. Kemple: “What qualifies you for a seat on the School Board?”

He said:

“A School Board member has two basic responsibilities: 1. Make policy and 2. Approve the budget. My platform of parental advocacy, financial accountability, and budget transparency seeks to transform and elevate our public school system, not merely rubber stamp the status quo. I am an advocate for Parents’ Rights, President Community Issues Council. I Attended US Naval Academy and Newark College of Engineering. I have children and grandchildren who graduated from and enrolled in Hillsborough Public School. And I have 25 years business management & ownership experience. I encourage voters to go to my website and learn more about how I would improve our public schools http://www.vote4terrykemple.com/

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