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Johnna McKinnon Clay County, FL School Board Candidate Draws a Line in the Sand

Johnna McKinnon

By Bill Korach.

Memorial Day seemed like a good day to interview Johnna McKinnon, Clay County School Board Candidate since she, and her husband Scott are both Navy veterans and her son is currently in the serving in the Navy. Ms. McKinnon says: “The Navy taught me to be results oriented and solution driven. I want to apply these skills to eliminating wasteful spending and burdensome regulations that prevent teachers from teaching and students from learning.”

I asked Ms. McKinnon why since she has a full time job with an avionics giant, does she want to serve on the School Board? She says: “America great and glorious history is no longer being taught in our schools. America has been described as the last best hope for the world. America is a country founded on individual liberty as a God-given right, not a government privilege. If our kids forget their history, they will also forget about liberty and opportunity.”

And why is this important: “Some in the educational establishment are trying to place American law guaranteed by the Constitution under global world government. This is happening right now. Agenda 21, a series of UN rules, and messages that opposes individual liberty and the free markets are already being taught in our schools. The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is full of Agenda 21 lessons and is being widely taught in Florida and America. We need to educate our kids about American Exceptionalism, not indoctrinate kids with UN rules on Global Government. I want to draw a line in the sand. We cannot survive as a nation of Liberty loving people if we forget our Judeo-Christian heritage.”

I ask what can be done about textbooks and materials that obfuscate or ignore America’s heritage? Ms. McKinnon says: “We need to look closely at what kids are being taught and adopt appropriate materials locally or go to Tallahassee and fight for change. There are credible reports that Florida has over 25 pro-Islam-biased textbooks are in American schools. At least 2 of these textbook, whose authorship can be linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, are right here in Clay County.”

Ms. McKinnon believes that there is room for improvement in school administrations and measurement. “I believe that the FCAT is about learning to get a good score on a test so schools can get funding. FCAT is not about kids learning anything. The recent drop in the FCAT scores resulted from a last minute addition of punctuation and grammar to the writing test. Why haven’t we been teaching these things? I believe we could eliminate FCAT and rely upon local school tests and proven national standard tests like SAT and ACT.”

I asked why voters should elect her over her opponent Mr. Frank Farrell. She says: “Last year, Rev. Baker was leading prayer at the flagpole outside the Clay Hill Elementary School which was his right under the First Amendment. An outside group called ‘Americans for Freedom from Religion’ protested the prayer. My School Bard opponent, Mr. Farrell voted to first bar Rev. Baker, and when that proved unpopular, he voted to implement restrictions on Rev. Baker’s prayer at the flagpole. Mr. Farrell reacted to a threat from an outside group with no standing in Clay County when he should have paid attention to our rights under the First Amendment. I do not believe Mr. Farrell is the one to draw a line in the sand against the destruction of America’s Heritage.”

Readers can learn more about Johnna McKinnon at www.johnnamckinnon.com



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